Scrying , problem everclear!

Hi to all Dear friends , i am working on the Mastering Diviniation cours, and at scrying with Everclear i have problem to find that drink anywhere in Belgium or Nederland , what can i use as alternative ? any suggestions ? , greetings


If you can get access to a fireplace or have the room to sort out a make-shift fire pit (with bricks etc) that can work wonderfully. As a kid I used to sit and stare for long lengths of time into a fireplace or bonfire.

If you want to go the alcohol route, then you might try buying some vodka. Place it in a freezer for a bit and the water will freeze, drain out what remains as a liquid into another container. Take the remaining liquid and put it in the freezer, drain out what doesn’t freeze. Repeat a few times. In the end you will be left with much higher purity ethanol that you can burn. (Don’t try and burn it straight out of the freezer, let it get to room temperature). Not the cheapest approach though.

I use Florida Water, burns long and nice. Only a shot glass full will get you a good 5-10 minute flame.

Be carful though, that flame burns for a while.

Thank you for all tips, i Rawiri and Orismen , thank you very much !!!