Scrying on someone else's object, cloth, etc

Hello Everyone,

I am into Angelic work since 2012, I have been working with tarot for a very long time. So I had improved my scrying skill 2 months ago.
I started seeing other people’s auras and I was good st it. I had many customers.
I also have instagram page that for cause. Anyway.
I want to learn how to get better at this?

Raziel told me so much but I really care about others opinions, if I keep scrying people’s pictures do I get even better?

Another thing that I had an object that belongs to my ex and my grandfather i was wondering how to use that objects to scry for them?

Plus my grand father passed way :disappointed:

Have you done exercises for psychometry and clairsentience? They may help with different points of view on the techniques.

It just occurred to me that you could get practice from antique stores, as long as the person working there knows the history of the objects being sold.

Can you be more specific?

You could practice picking information up from objects at antique stores.

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What’s your ig page for that work ?