Scrying mirror

Hi all I’m just learning to scry using a black mirror and find it impossible not to blink. If I blink am I ruining my chances? Ive read some place that you should never blink and another place says it doesn’t matter if you blink or not. But believing I shouldn’t blink makes me blink more for some reason!!! Any thoughts?

Well, for me it’s more not forcing my gaze than blinking or not, I just relax my eyes and let it flow

I agree with zvane. If you are thinking about blinking you are forcing your gaze. Think about what you see past the mirror not if you are blinking or not. Try focusing on your breath while you start out to help forget about blinking. Eventually you will forget about both and just “see”.

You know about 65% of the time when I scry I do it with my eyes closed and the images just sort of come then, I’m not even entirely sure if there’s any real benefit in still using the mirror for me.

Thanks, I think that’s the hardest thing about scrying/magic - learning to still the mind so it doesn’t get in the way. Without even knowing how it starts, I catch my mind in full flight analyzing what I’m doing and trying to control the whole operation, which is when I notice I’m straining my eyes and blinking non stop.

I’ll try the relaxed approach and let you all know when I get some success.

Brutus, if you relax you’ll see that blinking doesn’t turn into an annoyance.

When I scry I leave my eyes blink if it’s needed, that’s not going to ruin the operation, but the thing do could ruin it it’s to be constantly thinking about "This is gonna ruin if I blink?

You have to relax, no one magickal operation will fail if you cannot pronunce the exact words of an incantation, or if the mirror is not in the exact degree of inclination, or if the circle is not exactly drawn upon the floor.

That’s all very nice, but You are the Magick, so if you’re in the correct state of being, that’s all that you really need

Just be natural, and those things will come to you naturally as well. Forcing it is the worst thing you can do.

Embrace your birthright.

This question might be more suited in the evocation section, but i’ve been wondering about the use of scrying mirrors for evocation - specifically in regards to offerings to the spirit. I understand that the incense smoke itself is seen as an offering (sometimes the only offering required) when it comes to evocations of full materialization, but what about when scrying?

I just put the finishing touches on my first scrying mirror yesterday and will begin working with Sastan and Mepsitahl, and from my recollection of Works of Darkness, EA doesn’t mention the need to burn incense while scrying with these two spirits, but what about with other spirits?

Also, is a triangle of manifestation needed when dealing with spirits that require the operator to use a circle or is it enough to simply place the mirror on the altar so that your gaze is in the spirit’s cardinal direction?

Anyway, i’ve been practising daily for the past 5 days or so and while i am getting glimpses of fleeting shadows, flashes and other movements, i’m still yet to see solid visions. Most recently i’ve been trying to push myself further into the rapture to the point that i lose my vision for a few seconds with my eyes still open. Advice?

blinking is fine. If you choose, re-open your eyes slowly after a blink. It helps keep the images there.

Remember you will see mainly through your spiritual sight, or third eye (Ajna). Your physical sight will just align up with the spiritual, creating what I call Substantial Sight or Perfect Vision.