Scrying mirror, place glass in front of black painted paper?

I created a Universal Circle on black paper-ish, shown in the picture (looks bright cuz of camera flash). (No materials :confused: ) To make a scrying mirror, can I place a simple see-through glass on its front to act like a scrying mirrror?

It just has to be reflective I guess

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I’m confused. What are you trying to do?

The Universal Circle is for the evocation of spirits. It’s purpose is to be a circle for the magician to sit within or to act as a triangle of manifestation for the spirit to manifest in. It’s not a scrying mirror.

But for a scrying mirror it has to be dark reflective right? :thinking: (nvm the uc :laughing: :slight_smile:

A mirror is supposed to be non reflective. You need a dark surface to gaze into with no light to interfere.

I would assume that to scry into the UC, you would centre it behind the glass so that your scrying surface encompasses the inside of the circle.


Alright :smiley: thank you:)