Scrying Mirror And Oil

Ok i bought a pre-treated black mirror yesterday since i don’t trust myself doing it.My questions are since the site says i have to charge it on the full moon with my energies what’s the best ways to do that from all your experiences?And does anyone have experience with an oil called clarity oil since i bought that too from a different site and read the description saying something about second sight?I plan on using that during scrying after i charge the mirror.

Well you know how they say if you are charging an item in sun rays, you can just sit it in a room that’s well lit with sunlight since uv rays can be soaked up without being directly in the sun? The moon only “glows” because it’s the sun light coming from around the other side of the earth and shining on the moon, so the moons glow is actually sunlight. So the same rule applies here. If you live in a city or with others and can’t be seen laying your mirror on a porch, deck, etc. you can always wait until the next full moon and open a curtain in your house on a window that the moonlight is shining thru and leave the mirror laying on a table or close by. Even if the rays are not directly touching the mirror, it will soak up the essence if exposed indirectly.

As for the oil, most of those oils that come pre-labeled with a specific purpose have not been charged or consecrated so actually, most of them are just plain oils with a fancy label on the bottle. Many companies take the exact same plain oil and put it into hundreds of bottles then come up with 50 different names and add food coloring to the oils claiming each oil has a different purpose, but since the manufacturer did not charge the oil, it has no active power. So when you get the oil you need to scry over it and see if the manufacturer did in fact pre-charge the oil with the clarity purpose. If not, then you need to do this yourself by consecrating the oil to magickally work as a clarity oil. It’s a dishonest gimmick that most companies use to sell more product without ever doing anything magick on the products at all.

If the oil was handmade by an artisan crafter then most likely the oil has already been activated but unless it says this on their website that the oil has already been consecrated and charged, then like I said, scry over it and see what needs to be done.