Scrying into the palms of your hands

So yeah awhile back necromaster posted something on ea’s facebook page about how he saw something that looked like the eye of sauron in the palm of his left hand when he scried into it. Since then I have been experimenting with this. More often then not I see a bunch of Greys working on something since I am currently spirit bonding with one of them , I know what this imagery means but won’t talk about it here. Also more recently I’ve also been seeing an eye in my hands as well.

So does anyone have any insite into the nature of this technique? I’ve tried with both hands but havent noticed any huge differences the most I see is the greys seem to be working on something different depending on which hand I look into, the eye is present in both of them.

There are definitely differences in the visions when you scry in the left hand vs the right. I am fully demonic so I doubt anyone else would have Visions that are the same nature as mine.

Even necromaster’s right-hand path is demonic. :wink: