Scrying exhaustion

I’m writing this topic in hopes anyone else has had a similar experience, and might have any useful tips or tricks.

While scrying on a particular sigil or more recently a tarot card, I’ll almost devolpe a sort of tunnel vision, pressures well devolpe in my head, the sigil and or card will began reveal an aura and I’ll get impersions of motion or shapes inside of the image. The problem comes in when my eyes began to become tired and my brain will start shutting down. I’ll become very tired, and the image, and my vision will become increadbly blurry. Light almost seem to grow and get trapped in my eyes. It’s honestly just really uncomfortable


Sometimes you have to snap to and have another gaze at it. Don’t look too hard, pull your vision back a bit. Like you’re looking at someone who’s talking to you.

That is a sign you’re opening the sigil correctly:

And this:

Tarot cards can be opened as well, they’re gateways, so that’s why I advise people keep them wrapped in baking foil or in a sealed metal tin, at least if they’re having the kinds of problems an open and uncontrolled gateway could be part of. :thinking:

Since Tarot cards open easily for you (it seems) you may want to look into pathwalking them, things like that?


Maybe there was some miscommunication. I was reffering to the feeling of extreme exhaustion after a srcying session. It’s very off putting, so I was wondering if anyone had any tips to counter act this.

Also in a recent ritual It felt like there was a wall like sensation on my third eye. It felt like there was a cap on my skin above my third eye. The sensation spawned at the climax of the ritual.

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This is normal. You’ve expended a bunch of energy. Be sure to eat and replenish afterward.

This is your crown chakra!

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Hmm…so are you saying the feeling was a manifestation of my crown chakra becoming stimulated, at the end of the ritual? If so will the feeling fade with experience or should I expect the sensation to re occur often?


When your crown really opens up, you can often feel a physical pressure from it.
I have a chakras meditation guide that I wrote. Here’s what I have to say about the crown:

"Remember to breathe as you focus on your crown. When you attune yourself to its movement, thrumming in harmony with your other chakras, you’ll feel something different in the way it moves. As it spins, it will unfurl. This has been represented by a large lotus flower, amongst various other artistic interpretations. Petals of pink fire, is how I would describe it. It explodes out, encircling your head, hence “crown”.

When I first accessed my Crown chakra, I felt like I was wearing a hat for about a week."

Thanks for the info. Ill have to look into ea’s soul travel course. If nothing then to balance my chakras.

You might look at the Kundalini course too. This is energy work for sure. Every time one of my chakras opens I feel that same thing. And the same chakra can repeat the process over and over, like new waves or new levels, so to speak. The exhaustion is from exerting your own energy while taking on an unfamiliar energy from the things you’re scrying. It happens to me when I work with any new entity for extended times. Your physical body and your astral body are acclimating to the new energy, and it can be tiresome indeed. Make sure you rest and eat enough. These are signs of progress to me, assuming you don’t have any medical problems. Also, make sure you ground yourself afterwards and make a full psychological retraction. Good work!

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I’ll echo what @J.A.Ragnarson said - the sensations you’re feeling are a surefire sign that you are a natural with this stuff. These are all good things!