Scrying Devices | Design and Instructions


Well - after some study, some interaction with entities, a little creativity, and a bit of luck, I have designed and constructed three scrying devices with varying degrees of power.
The remainder of this post will be a pictorial tutorial of how to make these devices along with an explanation as to why I chose to use these specifications.
Let us begin :slight_smile:

The materials required are thus:

  1. set of galvanized steel pipes consisting of 1 large pipe about a foot long and one smaller pipe who’s matching terminal end fits “piston style” inside the larger pipe. You will also need a terminal end for the larger pipe.

  2. a set of crystals and stones. I chose the following for their unique spiritual and ethereal qualities:

       a) 3 large quartz crystals
       b) 3 medium obsidian stones
       c) 3 medium angelite (anhydrite) stones
       d) 3 large blue calcite crystals
       e) 3 large amethyst crystals
       f) 4 long and skinny quartz crystals per each device to be created
  1. small to large picture frames

  2. Copper wire (I chose 28 gauge wire) 5 or 6 feet will be enough material to make 3 or maybe even 4 devices

  3. aluminum chips (I simply cut up a soda can)

To get started, you’ll want to set apart your pieces and organize them. Here is a frame with the 4 quartz crystals I chose for it specifically. The reason for this will be made clear momentarily.

I then wound a coil of wire to fit snugly inside the back of the frame. You don’t want it too large that you can’t replace the backing. Keep this in mind when choosing the gauge or wire for your project.

After the initial wind for esimation, I went back over it with needle nose pliers and perfected the coil.

Next, I used some tin snips to chop up a Mountain Dew can. So yea - I’m going to be corny and just say it…
This is how I Do The Dew! 0.o
… ok that was horrible :stuck_out_tongue:

After the initial snipping, I went through again and broke it up into finer, almost “shavings like” quality.

Next, I assembled my rock crusher. I have affectionately come to call it my “Mortar and Piston”, which suites it pretty well I think :slight_smile:

I then used my mortar and piston to cleanly, easily, and effectively crush up the gems I made mention of above. The only stones you do not want to crush are the four long and thin quartz stones which we will use later as energy cultivators for these devices.

As you can see in both the above image and the images below, the M&P will crush your crystals into a fine powder. HOWEVER, you do not want to crush it too finely. Do not bring it to a dust. The reason being is that the powers of these stones and crystals come from the crystal latices and just as much as they come from the elements combined to make it. Otherwise you’ll just end up with silicon dioxide powder rather than the actual quartz crystal latices necessary for it to draw in energy.

Next you’ll want to mix your crystal powder and your aluminum chips into your black paint as shown below. The reason for this is to permeate your black surface with energy absorption and emission abilities. The crystals, obviously bring the ethereal and mystic energies related to the astral, higher learning, intuition, psychic abilities, etc into the very medium you will be scrying into. The aluminum chips will help regulate the flow of the energies much like they do in orgonite compounds. In fact, orgonite comes into play with one of these devices in a minute here.

Mix your crystal powder and aluminum chips into the paint, open the back of your picture frames, and pour the mixture onto the glass surface. Use a foam brush to brush it around and spread it evenly across the glass.

After letting the paint dry, apply a second coat and place the copper coil onto the wet surface. You will want to make sure that the coil is place so that it runs in a clockwise motion when viewed from the back as shown in this image. When energy is moving from the ether through the clockwise coil, it is bringing ethereal energy into physical manifestation. When viewed from the front you will be projecting the physical through the counterclockwise side of the coil which then converts it into ethereal energy and back into the astral. This is a gateway circuit which opens the door and makes the communication ready for use. The crystal paint amplifies this reception and emission allowing for a clear communication medium.

Next, take the 4 crystals you have set aside, and align them in such a manner so that they feed energy (emission points of the crystal should be placed facing the coil) into the spiral of the coil. Notice they are not pointed directly into the center, but in a manner so as to round the energy into the coil gently. We’ll come back to the setting of these crystals in just a minute.

The third and final coat of your mixture over the coil to seal it into the device.

Now we’re going to set the crystals. Grab a drill and bore four holes in each side, moving diagonally into the frame to compliment the desired position.

Next, using wood glue, set your crystals so they are half embedded and half protruding.

So, that’s your magickal mirror. Consecrate it however you wish. However, if you are going to use it for demonic uses and/or not anything directly related to the angelic sphere, you can inscribe Hent’yos’ sigil on the back and open it with the intention of feeding it ample energy.

Next, This is a rather simple device, and not hard to make. You want to simply cut out 4 equilateral triangles of cardboard, paint one side of them with your mixture and let them dry. Cut a hole in one of them and tape it all together. I cut off each corner of the pyramid and affixed a quartz shard pointing into the center of the hollow of the pyramid.

The pyramid is indeed powerful. Once finished you will be able to see a constant flux of energy through the black hole.

Here is the pyramid with a quartz ball inside:

And an obsidian ball:

I think this image gives you a good idea of how the energy is shaped and conducted when using a quartz ball in the center. Just look at how the light is refracted.

And finally, an image of the four devices I have made thus far.

The center mirror with the red tint is interesting. The glass on it actually broke. So my wife pulled it apart and took the glass out. I was left with a black crystal mat. So, instead of letting it lay waste, I mixed up an orgonite compound with crystal and fiberglass resin, poured it into the frame and let it set.

Each one of these produces nearly immediate effect. All one has to do to just see the energy swirling and condensing is to simply look at them.

I have yet to try the one with the orgonite spread. However, I did use it a few times before the glass broke and a few times after the glass was extracted with phenomenal results. I can only assume the addition of such a powerful “glass” replacement such as orgonite will only amp things up.

I hope this was useful and helpful.

Keep in mind. These are all MY creations. I share this only to better the community. I do plan on getting these out on consignment with some of the local occult shops. If you should choose to mass produce these and sell them as well, I would simply ask that you give the credit for the development and testing to my name. That’s it :slight_smile:
Do with this what you wish.

And remember - this is merely first and second generation. I will be posting more and more. Devices above and beyond what is available today. This is my goal. To supply the world with spiritual devices, the likes of which have never been seen (or at least publicly made known) in our world.

Well - Enjoy! :slight_smile:


And our gleefully mad-scientist Mage delivers once again. DK, I can’t even convey in words how much I appreciate & respect your Magickal Genius! I think the fact that you genuinely love doing this makes it all the more powerful. There is enormous residual intensity in all that follows when the Originator is passionate in the Creating. And you described each step so well, even I could put one together!!! Stellar work, Man! :wink: Z


Why thank you my dear Zoe :slight_smile:
As always, your comments are encouraging and gratefully accepted :slight_smile:


Spiritual madness. Have you been successful in seeing entities with these devices?


I have yet to use these in evocation. However, I would be happy to do it and report back :slight_smile:


By the way - the pyramid was first designed based on the idea of the triangle used in evocation. And because these can be used in evocation, I placed it in this thread. The triangle is the first manifestation of shape - however, the four-sided pyramid is the first manifestation of three dimensional shape.
My original thought was to use a sphere and a four sided pyramid for an evocation ritual. This preliminary pyramid is the prototype. I built it to simply confirm my suspicion that a pyramid would be more effective than just a triangle. A pyramid large enough to be able to place a censor and burn in, giving the entity room enough to form in full size would be a bad ass project, and one that I’m sure will be done at some point.
But, in my opinion, using a pyramid in place of the triangle should make for quite a difference as far as the geometry of energy. And because the pyramid was the last of the projects to be built, I have not had the opportunity to give it a go in an evocation. Though, when I do, you can be sure I will most definitely give a report.