Scrying capability

I am working with Erieshtaetohl to master scrying
Today the black mirror seemed to become a ball of spirit – or a sphere of mist.
It seemed to actually project out of the mirror itself.
Is this a common indication of progress?
thanks in advance for any comments

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Seeing your vision project out of the mirror toward you in 3-dimensions is proof you have activated your full scrying clairvoyance.

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I have had spirits tell me that they prefer manifesting above the scrying mirror in mid air, not in it…

i was like but whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! i wanna use my mirror!

i cant argue with the spirit tho…if that is what they want then i must comply.

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I had an impression of what seemed to be the face and head of Set, or an anteater, or an animal with a triangular head. It was fairly distinct for a moment.

Some other info: Before the summoning I invoke Azazel, as usual.

Has anyone who has worked with Erieshtaetohl seen a similar figure?
thanks in advance