Scratch from nowhere - an another "sign"?

I was out, taking a bath, and a strange feeling possessed me again, and the name of Belial, from nowhere. It was exactly the same feeling when I met Him 4 days ago (in the bathroom, again). This kind of feeling does not bother me in the last days, but now it is happened again.

So… suddenly I thought filled my mind:
“Look at your arm.”

I did, and I found this:

I started thinking about how could it happen, and where am I got this, but I know well, that before I went out to the bathroom, it wasn’t there. (Interesting, but there is no pain, at all)

I tried to shot some images, but the second one was completely weird to me, even with lights, it became dark.

This is not my first case where I get scratches. And most of them was not negative Spirits.
But the difference is now, there is no one, only Gods and my Spirit Lover. I am well shielded, and protected by Gods.

It is possible that this strange feeling, the possessing name of Belial and now these incidents can be a sign for something? Or tests?
Any, similar experiences before, anyone?


Probably someone saying hello. Or someone trying to start a fight. Id say the former if youre protected. I get that a lot.

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Hm. It can be possible in this case, that He want me to start communicate with Him finally, but the way how He tells me is new to me (this).

It is seems like He want provocate me to force me with to “Say Hello” back. :thinking::wine_glass:

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You know this is extremely common more than people think it’s one of the five signs of possession, called infestation.

The spirit will begin to do poltergeist activity if they can’t they decided to get you’re attention in other ways.

For example, I once woke up and had a cut on me which the blood that came from it was in a shape that sort of resembled the sigil of the spirit.

My ex partner who started slacking in evoking this demon she swore to evoke gave her cuts just like you.

This is a sign of infestation.


It makes sense now, thank you. :black_heart::wine_glass:

Well… I did not promised Him when will l evoke Him first, but looks like He want it as soon as possible.

I do not feel that I’m ready for it now. I do not want to annoy Him or wasting His time, at all. Maybe I’ll offer Him something tonight, and ask Him 1-2 days. I hope He’ll understand it.

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For me I never feel threatened by this, in fact I always feel a sense of play and affection. Yes sometimes it’s also a “Notice me!” I wasn’t aware this was a sign of infestation, but it makes sense. If you can’t evoke, invoke Belial. He generally likes it and it’s a great way to get closer to him and immediately start to communicate. Warning though he comes with side effects.

For me this includes a strong inclination towards verbal debate or mentally sparring with people. Feeling like I never need to sleep again. Low threshold for “social games”. An increase in predatory thinking, a reduction in empathy for petty butt hurt type stuff, and a sense of fearlessness.


This has happened to me in various ways. It could be that it is showing you his true intenions or personality that of malice and harm. It is not a warning or possession but his own way of doing things and what he likes to do.