Science Catching Up to Near Death Experiences

You and I know that there is more to consciousness than our physical vessels, don’t we? We believe with 100% conviction right? Well we better for the whole magick thing including soul projection to work.


I had to comment on this section of the article.

(Seeing is believing, so to speak, in the scientific community. It’s unfortunate that just because we cannot explain something through materialistic means, it must be instantly discredited. The simple fact that “consciousness” itself is a non-physical “thing” is troubling for some scientists to comprehend, and as a result of it being non material, they believe it cannot be studied by science.)

Now this is where they lose me, Einstein had already solved the problem by using thought experiments. Can you measure a thought? Not with anything material, but you can measure thought with thought. Because we can’t measure thought with anything material does that mean thought does not exist or should be instantly discredited? Certainly not but thought is a part of us as is imagination and intuition, Einstein understood this and it’s part of the reason he was able to understand things about the universe that none had previously concieved of. Just my take on it, call it food for thought…


Thank you Adam. Looks like Einstein was as much of an occultist as he was a theoretical physicist.

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From what I heard he was a Jew and heavy into Kabalah so you might be right about that.

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