School of magick? A jellyfish-like attachment

Okay I’ve just woken up from a dream, and it went like this:

I arrived at an old school (an actual school with old red buildings) and it was overcast and raining. There were lots of students milling around outside, and it seemed like we were returning to school after a term break.

I recognised some of the people there as being friends of mine. So I went over and started chatting to some of them about whatever.

I also recall that it was a school where we studied magick.

I remember a few of us moved inside inside an old open shelter in the school grounds and it was still raining. I saw some old skeletons in there and some kind of grave marker saying something about Catholics. I got a vague feeling it was something to do with Vodoun.

We seemed to be waiting for school to start.

Then I had a vision. I saw an image of my physical body, my brain above my head and what appeared to be a huge white translucent jellyfish-like thing hovering above, attached to my brain by grey cords. It wasn’t an actual jellyfish, it just looked a bit like one without the legs.

Then I found myself staring at a screen, reading some advice from E.A. who was advising that the jellyfish-thing was an arch-type(?) or arch-force(?) (I’m having a little trouble remembering exactly what it was called, it definitely began with arch-) of some sort responsible for some of my spiritual issues. He advised that I follow his magickal instructions as well as Robert’s, and hinted that I should expect to be in this for the long haul.

Then I woke up.

I’m interested in the jellyfish-like thing attached to my brain if it sounds familiar to you.

Does any of it sound familiar to you? The school?

Damn when I read dream and school my heart skipped, I thought you were going to describe a dream I had about a school the other day, it was so real and vivid, like thick with all senses involved plus more somehow, I never had wrote my dreams down and when I remember a good one I forget more and more as the day/days go by, this one was to unusual to not take note of maybe you should do the same and see what builds over time.