Scanning versus Active Imagination

When you scan (insert noun), how do you know you are not just projecting unconscious imagery that represents your personal (active) impression of the (insert noun) upon them, as opposed to receiving imagery that actually represents that (insert noun)? Assuming you are not scanning someone who can immediately confirm what you sensed.

If beginners are just scanning beginners who may not know the color of their aura, the state of their chakras, their past lives, their godforms, their guides, etc, is this even a helpful exercise beyond strengthening visualization skills?

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In most people, the intuitive muscle is atrophied, thus they need exercises that they can do without hurting themselves nor failing so much that they get descouraged. Reading tarot is a good exercise, in the Golden Dawn, cartomancy was an exercise to develop that muscle. It’s like when someone is disabled and rehabilitates himself, so he can walk again. Scanning is like a reading without cards, so it would be like walking in that metaphor, but it is also a form of vision magick, and vision magick needs that the person who practices it have enough symbolic vocabulary in order to interpret what was seen, and also, it helps a lot a good knowledge of where those visions come from, it’s like knowing the biography of the author of your book