Scanning the godform

I guess then, sure.

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It’s up to you. I’m just offering, the choice is yours.


is anyone will to trade scans with me? I would like my godform scanned.

Scan trade (I don’t do godform) for my true self or just general scan.

Hmm, is there an easy way to get to the bottom of the thread without having to scroll through 100s of posts.

Yes the side scroller, you can skip all the text and get to the bottom/latest post. -->

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Wish I had known that alot sooner. Um where is the side scroller…

The long blue line on the side -----> lol

It wasn’t on the side for my phone. I had to click on the number (the one that shows how many posts in thread/etc) to get the scroller.

Trade mate?

idk how accurate that is, its jsut something that randomly jumped into my head:

orange and green, wielding creative fire?
fire and plantlife flowing from one to another, there is barely a separation. The void has silver-like fluid, your forest is a floatign island, black and blue columns rise out of the silvery waters as you got attack. You let divine retributiono befall your attackers, who look as if insects if compared to you.

you wander the void, occaisonally meetign someone who you share fruits, juice, blood, nuts and fresh meat with. ~Some of those companions along the way, take a part of your forest with them, even without them diminishing it in any way.

the departure didnt hurt you the last time, it doesnt too much and the coming ones wont as well.

(it was directed at the original poster… i didnt knew he/she had already left)

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@anon48079295 hey, if you dont mind can you tell me what you see?
After alll those imposters and parasites, i wanna know who i am, the real me.

Looking at your name gives me weird thoughts, a knight, unusually tall. Blue and grey. The face behind the helmet is not seen, just a pitch black spot. You slice the ones who step from the darkness and into the bright light of your presence. And as you leave, the choir of rustling pipes disappears, giving room to a distorted echo-y sound of dripping and dropping. strangely dull in the nothingness you jsut departed from.

idk if thats related to your godself or anything, its jsut what i had in mind all of the sudden.

wanna trade?

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a black glow with various colored flames, revealing itself to be a figure meditating on a watery surface. Thats not a twisted mirror, its more like a membrane between worlds. As you open your eyes, you realize that you were above and beyodn those spheres.

dont ask me how i got this, it just something that came to my mind


i wanna trade with someone , please read me il do back :slight_smile:

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a flaming silhuette, the flame looks like a fusiosn of fire and flesh, and its made up of white and red ribbons

sometihng that looks like if a cathedral had a skeletton, behind you.
you tread those unreal lands.

above us is no sun ,but a cosmic hole in seemingly…everything, the white-grey sky has a huge black hole with a eye looking down on us.

behind/beyond the eye is a strange blue figure, like hair or seaweed the strans and tendrils of this creature move, as if under water. blackness surrounds this blue-ish figure. He/she is not alone, there are others, standing at a beyond titanic gate between cosmoses.

like the eye was send out to supervise, and the earthly grotesque incarnation is there to scout, only for the main figure to descend and break all limits

-dont ask me how i got this, i just looked at your nickname and thought of this.

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Veeery interesting