Scanning and my experience with it (thoughts)?

So I’ve been practicing scanning and I feel im doing better.

One thing I noticed about it though, or atleast with my experience with it is that say after I’ve done 2-3 quick short scans…I seem to “stay in scanning mode” for a bit after scanning. By this I mean that information will just keep coming to me…images, words, feelings and sometimes straight up visions.

I don’t know if anyone else has this same experience. It like takes awhile for me to actually get out of scanning “mode” if I’ve been scanning for a bit. Which I find interesting. I try to stop to, cause I notice sometimes I’ll continue to get information in relation to anyone I had recently scanned even after scanning them…which feels alittle intrusive

Anyone else experience this?

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I think it’s normal, you just need to hone your skills, I never had this issue though

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I think it might be a matter of grounding for me. Not sure. Seems to happen more, the more scans back to back I’ve done. Even if short ones.

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I wanted to ask that too
Do you do some exercises to ground yourself after you finish ?
That are some good and simple yoga pose for that or even the “sitting like a tree” method

Well usually I try and switch to something else (task wise) to switch me from being receptive, I guess. So I can put my energy else where. It just depends.

Not the biggest fan of yoga lol.

It’s only scanning (so far) that does this to me, tarot is fine and causes no issues.

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Maybe you can try with crystals too like black star diopside
I always have to ground myself after cartomancy and it helps

If you say this happens only before scans I will allow myself to make just an assumption that maybe you put a lot of effort in it and maybe you still keep/allow a part of that person into you space

Best of wishes for you

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Well after scans.

Yes, but unintentionally keeping part of them/energy in my space. I have a few crystals I could try. Thanks!


In my beginner scanning days it was like this where I’d scan once or twice and it becomes like clock work in that mode until I’m tired lol.

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Yea definitely somthing that happens to me too, but typically I do so many people at a time I’d have no clue about what was in association to who, I definitely get visions alot more after doing alot of scanning and ivi watch porn after scanning it’s all bad I’ll see porn non stop in my mind all original images I have tricked this befor and when in that mood just gapped to random art of warrior women and fantasy art the good detail stuff I ended up laying in bed for an hour afterwards just being amazed at the art works the visions showed me cause once again it was all original.

I’d recommend doing a self scan after each session should help to make the stuff relevant to you and stop the intrusive feeling. I’ve also noticed that when like this is you do some energy work then affirmations it’s extra powerful

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