Scan & scry the selfie of the person above you (no Tarot please)

Ok you should not work with entities without beeing able to protect yourself - sorry!

Start to meditate every day and imagine how a golden waterfall is falling ober all parts of your body. Visualize how it stays at every part und that attacks go back directly without harming you cause you are completed with golden light.

Thats the easiest one.
Just for your understandment: You are just like a ball for all entities now cause you have less protection…

And its kind a joke to get protection from Michael when you work with Lucifer xD

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Why? They are companions

Lucifer has protected me countless times too

Sorry about the worry, I’m doing okay. I’m just dealing with stuff - so haven’t been able to get back to anyone.


No, not really.

Although I agree with you that @StrengthenedWarrior needs to learn how to protect himself and not rely on entities. That’s not the first time somebody tells you that Warrior, right… :woman_shrugging:



@Allegrata can I get a scan as well please? :blush: :pray:
I want to learn how to scan. I can try and scan you as well

I made that kind of expedience in the beginning :woman_shrugging:t2:

And about selfprotection - it makes me headache cause to perform rituals without beeing able to do so will end bad and in a few weeks we will get some threads about the consequences…

Whenever you‘ll be ready again it would be awesome to do the scan. Don‘t hurry and take care of yourself!

I need a picture of you. mindseeker and strenghtenedwarrior were the first persons I scanned before so don‘t await too much :woman_shrugging:t2::joy:

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@StrengthenedWarrior has been on this trip for a while, nothing new. He has been told many times what to do, but all he does is asking for more scans, readings and messages. :slightly_smiling_face:
I’m not saying this to mock you, StrengthenedWarrior, but because I want to help.


No worries I just sent you pm with my selfie.

Well your energy level is low and you should rest more.
Additionally you are highly sensitive and get lose track by comments of others easily. You could be a great medium if you would take more Care of yourself. Practice more if you‘re fit again. Don‘t play around with entities, there is a warning cause you provoke to get in trouble. Ghosts are nothing to play with around. If you feel alone and lost think again cause you are not :slight_smile:

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Did you see or sense someone with me?
I never provoke anyone intentionally its my thoughts they rumble on their own I am tryingto control them… :disappointed_relieved: :pensive:

Ty for the scan :smiley:

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Well practice meditation and walk outside in nature to get down on earth again - it will help you a lot :slight_smile:

I saw something like a shadow which doesnt want to harm you but is also not happy about your way of working with entities

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anyone willing to scan me?

its because the extent of damage i went through is really huge, its not like i havent tried to do my own rituals, i did an evocation of michael some time ago which was a little successful but my senses are real shit

You still don’t get it. You need to learn to rely on yourself.


i get it, im just saying my magick takes work now, and ive always connected to other beings in my path, mostly they called me, not the other way around, ive never really done magick on my own especially after my kundalini explosion


He doesn‘t get it although both of us talked to him :woman_facepalming:t2:


By hell, even if your stuff works you are not protected pretty well!!! Imagine you talk to a hunter in the forest which is full of wolves who got puppies. You have nonweapon and as long the hunter is with you, they will wait but start to run around you until there are 5 minutes only without the hunter. Than they will attack. Congrats - you are free wild to hunt for them.
Clear enough now?!?

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no, i got it