Scan please

Hello can someone please scan me and see if girls find me attractive or not? What does my charisma tell you?

that’s not how this works.


I dont understand bro

He says your ‘charisma’ cannot be scanned.Neither if girls want you.Scanning isnt made for that purpouse.You scan to see if any spirits are near you, if your energy body is healthy etc.


Can someone please check if there are spirits around me?

As per your first question, if you’ve been trying to make yourself appear attractive to females, I sense that you’ve actually been focusing on the completely wrong thing. But that there is something that puts people off.

for the second one, I absolutely know there are spirits around you.I don’t know who they are, but it’s not very difficult for you to reach out to them yourself. Consider it a journey of yours. This is where the fun begins.

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Charisma is more to do with how you understand the other person and how you treat them than anything. Consider an alternative to charisma to be “social perception”.if you listen to someone talk, and you really listen, and you learn how to talk to them back, that is learning charisma in practice.

I sense you should find out what your real priorities are.

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Okay well. That’s not really how this works.

Now second if you are trying to make yourself look better… there’s something going on behind the photo that makes it very off putting.

Your energy feels completely wrong and it’s not that you are unattractive but if you were to send me a photo like this and try and make a convo I would cut you off.
There’s something off about your vibe and I can’t place it.
Just weird gut feeling when I see the photo.

Just to add on: if I am to talk about how I perceive you from this photo it would be along the lines off: can’t do much for himself. Posts photos like these to look cool with the cigarette which it’s not. Kinda dirty like he doesn’t change his sheets or clean. Ever. Get the vibe that you just fuck around with your friends and don’t really care for a girls opinion Treat them more as an object. Kinda dirty European vibe. Cheap booze and clothes. Smells bad and covers it with a bottle of cologne.

Like the type to be walking on the street with a cigarette and a nearly empty bottle with his friends cat calling pretty girls in the middle of the day.

Sorry my honest opinion.


What else do you see in my aura?

Yeah. You definitely look off.

And it’s not your visuals either, it’s instinct. Either something is around you or something happened to you. I don’t think it’s an aspect of your character.

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We are not really seeing your aura, or at least I am not. From what I’m aware you can’t actually read auras through photos like this.

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How does that feel for you?

Kind of feels like something’s off. Not like I shouldn’t talk to you but I feel like it’s a bad idea to stick around. I honestly don’t understand that. It’s most likely an energetic issue that you can fix yourself


It’s not your aura, it’s just the vibe your giving off. I expanded my comment on how I would perceive you based on the photo. Not on looks. But vibes.


Vibes being what they feel off of you.

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Energy shifts have a lot to do with mindset. Basically it’s what your being (mind, body, energy, emotions) are aligned with.thankfully this kind of stuff doesn’t define us, and we can undo it.


Yes, in this picture I was a bit alcoholic and I broke up with my girlfriend. Does it affect my mood so enormously?

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It doesn’t change who you are just affects how others see you that day or time frame.
For me I felt that feeling of fuck girls I’m getting drunk with the boys and gonna just fuck anything that moves.
But it’s not something that’s always gonna be seen on you.
It’s something that I saw within the photo itself and your vibe from that day. But you can change that perception if you don’t like it.

How people see each other is always based on emotions

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The vibe is technically tied to your aura, but based you’re scanning the energy at the point the picture was taken so if you were in that state of mind in that picture your vibe in that picture will give off how you were in that moment.