Saying demon enns in my mind instead of outloud?

Hello all,

is it also possible to say the demon enns only in my mind? Or must i say it outloud? Bc i am most of the time at work, and to many people around. This is my first time to use these enns. Looking for good advise.

Yes. No. Both. Either. It only makes a difference if you let it. But, why would you wish to evoke a Demon at work where you can’t give him/her your undivided attention?

At work we have some people that need a little uh push so that they stop messing around and making fun of people. Just a little punishment.

But you don’t actually need to do an evocation at work. You shouldn’t bother a spirit unless you can give it your full, undivided attention, IMO. You also need to be in an undistracted state of mind when evoking. Are you able to do that at work?

Hhmm i am not certain, but i can try, but i think indeed better to wait till i am back home. I want to give my full attention to her.

Agree with chef1964, calling them up then giving half or less of your attention is like when someone with little kids is on the phone and keeps fading out to talk to their rugrats. It’s rude and annoying, and usually, unnecessary.

Agreed, but I would say an exception to this can be if you have established a good relationship with close spirit-allies. Then, in a pinch when you need immediate action and reach out, chances are they will understand, and know that as soon as you are free you will be able to thank and address them properly! In my own experience, anyway - my allies are pretty great about this, but they also really can count on me. It’s an exchange.

^ Agreed.

the point of evocation is to make the call the prevalent phenomenon of your perceptible and unperceptible reality

so do it with intensity and passion (pure lust) so much that it envelops all of your sphere.

half-ass it, and you’ll only get low self esteem.

having that in mind, you can evoke while washing dishes. theoreticaly. and also, while driving, while having sex, while having a conversation,while having a fight… theoreticaly…

but you just don’t have enough powa’


we practice sitting alone in our rooms, so that we could get THE FEEL of exiting the human dimension and entering other dimension (crossroads, rapture, or direct contact with spirit on it’s plane of reality)

are you needing protection from someone at work? or are you trying to get help being more efficient on the job cus if that’s the case I would invoke and see if she wants to go to work with you.