Saw this sign in my meditation

In one of my meditation as soon as i closed my eyes i saw this sign on the photo. At first i dont know what its called then suddenly my mind said it is star of david and when i look up google it is indeed the star of david. what can it mean? I feel positive about this experience as I can feel i received a gift from gods and i think this sign is a sign of protection. Thank you

It represents a lot of energies! Planetary and the elements! Look up ritual of the hexagram. You use this to invoke or banish

so why do you think i saw it as soon as i closed my eyes

That is a hexagram, also called the Star of David in Judaism.

It is used in a lot in Kabbalistic magick.

probably so you can look into using it

Maybe it is sign for you to learn and practice anything/everything Kabalistic as @DarkestKnight says it is related to Kabilistic magick. I think you should delve deep into it as I have feeling you will learn something amazing from this :sunglasses::metal:

what is kabbalistic magic any link? thank you

There are so many links to that you can find on youtube and/or google

Look into the Golden Dawn. There are plenty of books available on their magical system, which is Kabbalah based.