Saw moon sigil

last night i was meditating on full moon. after meditated i lay on he ground just to see and talk to the moon. when i looked the moon, it become more live. like 3D. and then a small ray around the moon. not long after that i saw a sigil in the moon itself. and it become shine more and more.

would you explain about this?
and what should i do?

-im just newbie-

Draw the sigil as best you can and see where it takes you or who it shows you

i see. do you have similar story acc to me?

Sigil I tried to open

Something similar to what I saw when I looked at my wall. The original symbol started changing into this. So far this is the only sigil that has done that for me.

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am i guess, is that demon sigil right?
so can you tell me what is moon instead? i mean is moon the demon or angel?

last night i meditated to my sigil. before i meditated, i had a dream only, can’t still figure it out what deity/entity is calling me.

what shud i do to call the moon itself?

I honestly don’t know of a moon sigil someone else here might. Maybe try looking for an entity that is of the moon energy and figure out which one you feel most drawn to.