Savior Complex (Put your mask on before helping others)

Im writing this to hopefuly aid those with similar symptoms as me.

I love the idea of usuing my magick to help myself and others (no duh I think most people feel that way)
but at a certain point it became my vices. I was so hung up on running away from my reality I started dipping in and helping others, helpful tips here and there. But slowly overtime it seemed like the worse my circumstances got the MORE I wanted to help others.

The problem with this is that I was not in a place to help myself. I wanted to actively help others whether they be strangers Id only interact with once in my “career” as an internet healer (that’s the witty title I came up with for those that love to go into comments etc, saving others) I was actively passionate about helping others but I needed to come to terms with to truths.

  1. I cannot and will never be able to help or save anyone
  2. I could be so much more helpful if I helped myself first then acted as a leader

The first one seems like common sense and in the back of my mind I knew it was true but I still found myself furiously trying to help others at the cost of my own time. When in hindsight I should’ve just sent them a short good luck “prayer”, let out a little sigh and moved on. The second truth I came to realize when I’d actively try to help some people, they were less likely to listen or heed my advice (to behonest the advice you give is ALWAYS superior to others kappa) but I myself did not have enough to be helping others, I was sitting sinking on my bought screaming to the other sinking boat telling them how to change the situation they were in.
Id give people business Ideas, esoteric knowledge, Id write out morning routines etc.
But I had not mastered my own advice.

Jordan Peterson has a great saying “clean your room” the essence of the lesson is to get your psyche (house/room) in order first before you go out and try to change the world and others.

Thankfully I have some awesome guides and online friends/acquaintances/ strangers that had their lives together in order to point me in the right direction.

Your reality is entirely up to you so put in the work for yourself and your reality, helping others then becomes effortless (or at least thats the working theory)

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