Saturnian Protection Invocation

Writing an Invocation of protection and I’m looking for as many spirits associated with Saturn as I can individually call out. I already know the more obvious spirits but I’m looking for more obscure ones for better effect.

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Why not just invoke Saturn himself?

Well in theory calling upon Saturn then the sub energies would draw more power.

These spirits are already obscure by their nature. For example Saturn as Shani can be accessed through this mantra : OM SHAM SHRI SANAISCHARAYA NAMAH X108 or more this mantra is given by Arthur Moros.

A darker side of saturn could be ZOHAL into the persian tradition and can be invoked through the mantra : YA ZOHAL X99 or more. You can use ashes mixed with blood and draw a sigil on third eye before to chant this mantra.

If you can get the black cube print from Erica Frevel I can assure you that you will have the darkest side of saturn. With this print you can do the same simple practice as before and anoint the print with blood, it will act as key to open the saturnin current into you and your life.

Much more can be done but sometimes simple practice can give good results.


That’s exactly what I was looking for thanks

I take it you’ve read the Cult of the Black Cube? lol

Furcas is the only listed Saturnian goetic demon and as mentioned he is helpful and I have worked with him- but he really seemed best at helping with the focus to learn… in my very limited experience Lucifer was much more helpful as a Saturnian force. Theodore Rose has a pathworking book called Lucifer and the Hidden Demons, it is how I evoked him. Lucifer’s pathwork is surprisingly effective for me… if you’re using asking for Saturnian protection, Lucifer has helped I me with protection more than furcas, especially against the magick of others

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What is the link between Lucifer and Saturn?

I’ve read that Lucifer is multifaceted, and that is apart of why is he so powerful, and that he can do most things like the angel metatron. He has connections to venus, Saturn, and the sun.

Im no expert on anything but I am familiar with astrology and Saturn as a planet is restrictive, cold, sets and lifts limitations, etc. Lucifer can do that kind of stuff

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Yes I like this book, the mantra come from it.

Its probably the best Saturian grimoire out there

Hiya OP! For Saturnian protection, it’s important to understand why you choose Saturn, and what you’re trying to limit/restrict/bind from manifestation. For instance, if you’re trying to bind bad luck, Alakshmi is a good goddess to call upon. If you’re doing a general invocation to bind all bad possibilities, just be aware there’s a pretty big energetic toll for invoking to suppress all that, and if you don’t have energy to maintain that you can expect ‘leaks’ to occur, which means what you’re trying to bind might just slip out if you don’t have the strength to hold everything. I suggest making a solar talisman to use a battery of vitality as a support system to minimize the chance of leakage. :slight_smile:

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Look up info about the Black cube.

Rule over rituals and spells for death, career matters
professional, self-control, resistance, patience, business related to land, longevity and anything that has to do with the earth, inflicting long sufferings through black magic, in
contraposition with Mars, which causes accidents.
Candle colors: Black and naval blue.
Saturn rules on Saturday.
Saturn is from the Earth element.
Saturn rules the base chakra.
Saturnine incenses: Musk, myrrh, patchouli and sage.

The question related to the subject: why rather evoke what to invoke? In order to attract and bring Saturnine influences to the invoker’s energy field, the one who does it must have a constant energetic equilibrium so that the influence that he calls on his energetic area that has more unbalancing slopes than balancing ones will be beneficial … would be high tension that could have consequences, the most reasonable thing would be to evoke it, in the purposes that govern its load in very minimal areas and to invoke it in the most exact purposes of defense, protection and regulate in distorted areas a specific order.

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