Saturn Satan Azazel Agiel Black Sun

I’m coming to the belief of Saturn once being the sun and worshiped as a God and Satan as once a sun God I think Satan Lucifer is actually an aspect form of Saturn which was once our earth life source and God hince the name for Enki aka Satan is Lord of the Earth also Azazel aka Zazel is the spirit of Saturn and his sigil is the sigil of Saturn and the intelligence of Saturn is Agiel both Azazel and Agiel are spirits of Saturn along with Cronos and Kali I am getting intense infernal vibes from Saturn and serpent energy along with Saturn being either hell infernal its self or the gateway towards it… I’ve also put my own blood on Azazel and Saturn’s sigil and now feel this planets strong black infernal energy…

sounds nuts but what do you ppl think???


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I am doing intense prayer ritual towards Saturn Azazel and Agiel and I feel strong black infernal burning along with very strong serpent kundalini powers… I am basically worshipping a planet now sounds insane and nuts…thoughts on planet worship…


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I hope you guys read this topic since it sounds insane but I do get vibes of Saturn actually being Satan Lucifers true final form along with Azazel and Agiel I keep getting Saturn spelled via ouija and I keep seeing the planet and keep having the same thoughts about this planet actually being hell aka the infernal realm itself… time for me to get some new meds because I have officially lost it now worshipping a planet… :fearful:

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Well… Maybe? I mostly attribute Lucifer to Mercury for a good number of reasons. Lucifer, from my experience can’t really be put into a box. Also, I’m still going to say that Satan is not the same as Lucifer, but that’s my own personal gnosis and the conclusion I’ve drawn for myself.

As for their planet, it’s hard for me to say anything for Lucifer. Some moments he has Mercury aspects the other times it is Jupiterian and other times Saturnian. He fits into several categories.

Here’s the deal about that… Take the tree of life/death. It has several planetary spheres. Each of those spheres is a current that makes up the universe and is an aspect of the universe and an aspect of ourselves.

For example, we’ll look at Mercury. The Mercurial current consists of the following: Loki, Quetzalcoatl, Odin, Raphael, Thoth, Hermes, etc.

They, together are like a mathematical equation, that create the Mercurial sphere and that larger sphere is an aspect of ourselves and the world(s) around us. Make sense? Apply the same to each planet.

Basically the point you made in the quote I took from your post above, is that they belong to the same planetary current.

Likely with this portion, you’re likely feeling led to work with said influences.

Well, since you asked. Why not? I mean I honor Hekate in a way that’s borderline worship. I’m not her slave/bitch, but I’m her Student/Son. It’s not a “bad” thing. Do what feels right for you. If I recall correctly the Romans referred to Cronos as Saturn anyways. I think, don’t hold me to that.

Truth be told they can take on as many forms as they’d like. I would not say that.

Once again, I really just think you’re being called to work with him but that’s my opinion, which you did ask for, both directly and indirectly.

It’s also time for you to breathe and ground yourself. Don’t lose sight of your well being.


thanks I do feel a strong energy pull towards Saturn and yes Cronos along with hindu goddess Kali are saturnian I might just be lead towards this energy planet for specific reasons but I do feel intense hellish infernal demonic black energy and power feels like my body is on fire at all times…

*I am also posting using a cell so my typing takes longer and my spelling might be off due to autocorrect

Well Saturn is a darker force so I can get where you’re pull that from.

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I think it’s my connection with darkness that’s driving me towards saturnian energy and spirits I’ve always had a strong connection with darkness and dark forces…also read that Saturn offers serpent power and kundalini awakening

I’ve watched a few docs on YouTube where ppl claim saturn is in fact a prison for souls trapped by Satan yes its a thing…

taking a break could be good I have been neglecting the physical reality haven’t done much eating sleeping or taking care of hygiene just focused fully on spiritual power and ascended

I’m literally starting to look and smell like a crazy hobo :poop:

also want to side note I stopped taking my meds for depression and been focused on pure meditation and clairvoyance :pill:

That’s not true.

You need to learn how to do both.


I dont feel Saturns energy as ‘‘evil’’ but then again my concept of evil is not like everybody elses. Theres a certain stillness around Saturn, and he is a very harsh teacher, which resembles Azazels ways thats true. Saturn is associated with death but only that which has run its course, basically that which has to die. I associate Lucifer with Jupiter more than Saturn, but that depends on what aspect you chose to work with. I would not worry too much about you worshiping a planet, it`s just something you are called to but do take care of yourself because it does get too intense at times particularly with Saturn.