Saturn & Hell

Lets Talk About Hell

So I see alot of people asking, “Is Hell real?” “Am I really going there after i die?” “Can I Soul Travel there?” Etc.
So i want to answer these questions and More in a Thorough manner hehehehehe. So…here we go!

But First some background on Languages, Parts of Speech, and Context:

A Noun is a Word that represents a Person, Place, thing, or Idea. HELL in this sense is multiple things. What determines its meaning and connotation is the REALITY it is placed in. A reality serves as the context that gives meaning to a Spiritual term.

Example: In the Christian Reality, “Hell” is a place of Eternal Torment.
In the Satanist Reality, “Hell” is a place of Peace and evolution.

As one develops and loses attachment to religions, he starts to transcend their definitions of Reality and will experience true “Gnosis” or understanding of the matter.

Thus to the Black Magician, Hell is:
a Actual Place of power with MULTIPLE planes and real beings that DO NOT relate to any religion.

Structure Of Hell:

Hell is a place with Many Levels and Dimensions. There is NO TORMENT OR ANY OF THAT SHIT THERE!!! It contains the Infernal Planes, which are the realms of Demons, ArchDemons, the Denizens of the Infernal World. It is a full scale KINGDOM people! Doors, locks, seals, rooms, arenas, training grounds etc!

It contains “Underground” Levels called Abysses. These Abysses are Dark Areas of power that are dimly lit by fires scattered across the “ground”. You will hear screams and wails because those who have found themselves there do not know how to get out.

There are passage ways into Hell through Binary Stars and the spiritual Doubles of Planets.

One such Binary Star is Algol.
This Planet (to ones spiritual vision) appears as a green split star that revolves around each other and is connected by a stream of Plasma.
In that plasma is a wormhole that will take you into hell.

The gateway that will take you through Saturn into hell is Binah.
Binah is the Astral Double of Saturn. Looks just like the planet.

If you dont want to fuck with saturn, you can go through Satariel. Satariel is a Qlippothic gateway that can transport you to a more secluded aspect of hell…if you like quietude hehehe.

Should you want to go STRAIGHT to hell, here is another way:

A Door with Red and Black Sigils or markings. Enter the door. It will takr you directly to the coldest and deepest part of hell which is the Void.

The Void
If Hell Was a Planet, the Void would be its core.

It is entirely possible to Soul Travel to hell, meditate there, and creatd things there. In fact, It is the place where Power is created. Period.
All power comes from Hell.

I would finish the article, but alot of info is coming in and i have to sort it out first. Hope this helps and enlightens you.