Satans’ / Lucifer’s Mingles ❤️

Has anyone else noticed a lack of dating options for those in the left hand path or for those embracing Satanism or Luciferianism? There is a huge following on Christianmingles ? Yuck sorry.

It’s long overdue, I feel, for those of an alternate view (left hand path spirituality) to have a choice.

But anyhow, as important as this spiritual path is to me, and I believe I’m speaking on behalf of many many others as well here, compatibility is an absolute necessity in spiritual matters.

It’s very difficult as it is having a circle of friends to be on talking terms about magick, metaphysics, and the like. Thanks to this forum I now have a much wider group of friends in the virtual online world, but finding anyone local for dating or otherwise a friendship with even can and has proven challenging for me and others I know of.

My entire life is structured around my dedication to spirituality so I cannot picture a future of total contentment or ultimate happiness in the context of a serious relationship with another if they willfuly reject everything i stand for or know to be true.

I’d love to hear what others thoughts are on this subject as I’m continually be prompted by something inside me to create a solution to the above problem by making a dating / friendship site just for those of this type of community.

Obviously there would be a lot of resources needed to make it work successfully but i feel that if the demand is present the supply of the demand won’t be to far out of reach. At this point im looking for feedback about the idea and how you think it would be best implemented. A traditional dating site approach is not what I have in mind exactly, but a resource for locals who wish to embrace and go about it in safe and fulfilling way.

I know this idea has been discussed before here but I’ve seen more interest in that idea more so lately than ever before. At least in my small circle of close friends. So I’m open to any suggestions.


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