Satan's celebration 21st of December 2020

“Sound Of Silence” is NOT by Disturbed, though they do a very excellent cover of it. That’s all I want to add here, I think. :thinking:



Bottom line, astrologically speaking, the 21st is hella big.

I was reading some grimoires by Bill Duvendack and he describes Jupiter and Saturn as very social and that Saturn rules Aquarius, which is a very social sign. We have Jupiter, the planet of expansion and wealth and Saturn, the planet that governs restrictions and rules and the like.

This, for the collective, may be very big energy and thats a nice way of putting. Magically doing things surrounding finances, financial institutions, institutions in general cough cough, amongst other things may be helpful. There’s a lot to be done with the energy


Yay!!! Is finally there! Hail to the Morningstar!

Happy Yule!!!


I just realized that would amplify Belials power wouldn’t it?

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That would be totally awesome!!!

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