Satanic Pathworking System

Im creating one and I want to see what y’all would like to see in it. Its geared towards power and Ascent. No bs.

What do you guys wanna know or see in the Pathworking?


What do you mean?

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I’m also down to look at it. Most my meditations are from Satan path workings

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I would be interested in something very simple to start relative beginners off correctly


Oh, something minimalist but powerful af would be awesome.

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Full blown possession

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of course!

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A pathworking system >.>

That is quite the project: a proper beginning, middle, and end.

There is a lot of stuff out there about foundations, and building them. There is a lot of theory about high end super crazy magickal results -such as the powers mentioned at the end of EAs courses-. It would be nice to have something ‘intermediate’, a clear path towards the supernatural powers sought at the ‘end of the path’.

With a Satanic twist are you ready to outline and give clear examples of Satanic philosophy and concepts that build towards this power? A lot of ideas come to mind when someone says “Satanic” you might have to define what you are about. Im not sure if that counts as BS though :stuck_out_tongue: or what you really have in mind.

It would be cool to see what you have in mind for the pathworking system. I think it would be easier for us to suggest what you could/might/should include if we see your thoughts first (even if its just a rough outline). Its kind of like an author saying “I want to write a Mystery book. Its going to be a murder mystery! What do you guys want to see?” We could give all sorts of suggestions, but none may jive with what you had mind -and some audience members might think ‘wow he wants us to write his book for him’-.

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