Satanic gayatri mantra?

Anyone here working with that?



Or is better to say the old gayatri mantra in reverse style?

To be honest, that just sounds silly. The Gayatri mantra has NOTHING to do with Christianity, and the only reason to "reverse* something is if you buy into the mythology that Satanism is just upside down Christianity (which, to be fair, a lot of it is, but there is also some that is not).


Hmmm it seemed that that gayatri stuff is a lot of bs about love and light so in reverted style probably would be darkness and sex magic. Was like saying 1+1 =2

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Have you tried the original gayatri mantra? Before seeking to change anything, perhaps you should try it out first. There is a lot of New Age misconceptions and outright bullshit spread about the Hindu mantras. A lot of them are actually pure power if properly used. Crowley recommended his students use the gayatri mantra as an adoration for the moon in his 8 Lectures on Yoga, and he wasn’t exactly all “love and light.”

Always read actual yogic literature, not a web site run by a white bread soccer mom if you want information.


After halloween Samhain maybe so that all kind of rhp energy and its entities remain banished

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each syllable for gayatri mantra has purpose and meaning, changing it wouldn’t make it any better, but if your intent is there for something you could probably achieve 30% of what you want out of it

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there are some specific hindu mantras that are for left hand path practitioners they have nothing to do with love and light, but most of them are not accessible to the public and the best way to practice hindu religion scriptures is to not follow it with Christianity/satanic mindset because hindu religion is complete on its own

so is better first to study it on its own and when you have enough knowledge you can mingle it on your tradition if you can.

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Well reverse of mantras and prayers are not only present in the satanic gnostic , great occultists like Michael Ford and Kurtis Joseph are famous through magic of Ahriman. There is also a LHP church, church of Ahriman where there are inversed prayers which channel Ahriman, Dastur Adam is the founder.