Satanic Author ER Vernor (Corvus Nocturnum)

I’ll just start by saying I’ve never met him, and I’ve only leafed through a few of the chapters from his book Embracing the Darkness: Understanding Dark Subcultures… I really don’t know what to think. The personal accounts I’ve gotten from clients who’ve worked with him to have books published through his company Dark Moon Press have had negative experiences mostly that he’s turned more of a profit for himself and gone back on deals. I do have access to more of his books in my local metaphysical supply shop but I’m wondering if it’d be worth my time… The one I think I’d be more interested in reading is I. Lucifer: Exploring the Archetype and Origins of the Devil

I’ve got a link for a preview that talks about the different subcultures he lists and the different people he talks to… I’m really trying to learn more about the different groups but… I dunno… I need a bit more guidance here before I delve into what could be false information or bad information…

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