Satanachia ignoring me?

Today i evoked Satanachia but i failed to communicate with him.

All i got is a vision of girls making love with me, i feel so frustrated, i want to see him, i want to communicate, i keep calling his name, repeating his enn but i cant reach him.

Is he ignoring me? any idea why? maybe because i dont give him offering? just a candle and his sigil.

Does this evocation can be considered successful?

I will appreciate all opinions, thank you

Do you just want to chat, or do you want him to do something for you? I can’t hear spirits (yet), but I still issue commands and they usually work. But if you want answers, tell the spirit that you cannot hear them, and ask them to find some other way to communicate with you. Then ask your question. The answer may appear in the form of a random conversation, a video, article, etc.

Also try WRITING during rituals, after you ask your question. I’ve been surprised at what I’ve been able to write, despite not being able to see/hear spirits.


I want both, but first i want to some chat, i want to learn because im a beginner in magick

good idea, i will try this later

btw what i want is not a psychically from of seeing him or audibly hear him ( i think im not ready for this )

I guess there is nothing to write about except a bunch of girls making love with me ( i hope this just happen in my real life lol ) and i got a boner in trance