Ok so life isnt going right and i need some major help. Almost to the point of i actually want to offer my soul or whatever it is i can to make things turnaround and fast. I need to know if satan canfothis for sure…i havent worked with him yet only to demons. E.A Koetting talks about selling out on youtube. Oviously this is happening for a reason… Maybe since i was born on the 6th of november and weighed 6 pounds 6 ounces 666 yea i know sorry for the drama life story i really some kind of massive help from the dark lord lucifer satan idk. Whoever turns your life around. Im prepared to do anything and any kind of ritual summoning idc. But if out of all people i thought somebody on here would know somebody thats talked to him and seen fast speedy results. Please giveme advice or tips. Thanks


Instead of selling your soul, use it lol have you tried using your intuition to see if any re-occuring spirits or deities keep popping up? See if a re-occuring theme of some sort keeps happening you are most likey supposed to work with them. That being said you need to be a state of being that wants change to occur but don’t obsess over it to much. Then slowly start with small improvement before building into bigger things. Everyone wants things now but sometimes you gotta start at the begining.


Make pacts with the nine demonic kings if you need help that badly.


Dude i am atthe starting point. I feel like the spirita are testing me and working with the goetic demons and not satan seems like an isult like hes the father of them ya know its disrespectful if you dont. Ive made packs done sigils meditated and plan on doing more. Everybody talks highly of him for a reason right???

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The 9 demonic kings isnt satan himself more powerful than them.

Yeah a test to see if you can see which ones are calling you, can help you achieve what you want. Like i said figure it out then work your way up start with smaller problems then move onto the more difficult.

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I already called on king paimon and belial for problems. :smiling_imp: bet ill do a ritual tonight at the witching hour 3:00​:smiling_imp:

The answers dont lie in some outside quick fix, they are inside you, know thyself brother.

Sometimes I found all the bad shit happens so one will go to the dark lord from which it probably came from.

If you were being true to yourself maybe most of this shit wouldn’t happen.

Try reading the Buddhist four noble truth’s, desire is the source of all suffering, desire comes from the ego. What we want in life and what we need are two totally different things.

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[quote=“Sic_Draco, post:8, topic:14769”]
Sometimes I found all the bad shit happens so one will go to the dark lord from which it probably came from.
[/quote] you lost me on that part. Your saying its temptation i figured everybody on here has worked with satan the website has an inverted pentagram… And desire isnt the same as survival to me that what life is survival. You dont need much to be happy but damn my thing is keeping what lil i have and growing everytime i feel like im on the right path it screws me over like joining this site ive learned so much from you guys that maybe i found my calling. Im starting to wonder if i screwed up and summoned something that fronted to be something else but i dont think so i had good vibrations after my rituals and meditations. The spirits have a strange way of helping you.

This is a magic site but mostly for dark magicians, so chaos and darkness is what a lot of people emanate, you never know who’s going to test their abilities on you just for kicks, but then again the current involved in dark magic are really chaotic and can really fuck you up. Personally I try and emanate light and truth, I want answers just like everyone else, my path is differ t to most on here but I love the information.

Modern science and the mainstream media has tricked or brainwashed people into believing there’s no spiritual world or that even good and evil dont exist which I believe has left people spiritually defenceless.

I like you jumped straight into demons and Qliphotic currents which gave me very good results but nearly gave me a nervous breakdown, if you aren’t experienced, going headfirst in to demonic magic can mess you up physiologically and most people in this world aren’t 100% to begin with due to what Karl Young called the spiritual problem.

Maybe starting off with angels and elemental’s to gain experience in a safe environment, would be safer and yield better results.

People prefer dark magic because the results are instant, but it always has a cost, usually unforeseen.


Ive been a witch for 10 years ive worked with all sorts of gods and goddesses from different parts of the world along with angels elementals jinn aninal totems and now the demonic side but this is really intense. I wont back down but i need answers and i will find them tonight. Thanks man i appreciate it.

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Sorry bro, got the posts mixed up but still, I had alot of really nasty stuff happen to me to which I successfully summoned Lucifer and a dragon eye appeared in the mirror on the wall, I went with it and stated saying “I wanted such and such hurt” but then it dawned on me, I hadn’t been using magic in a while and my intuition told me, he probably orchestrated the event’s to get me back into cursing and hexing people, when I think back the people involved didn’t seem like themselves, they were under the influence but of something dark too, I’ve seen it many times, used to happen to me, almost like hypnosis
All I can say is really consider if going full on dark and losing your soul and humanity is worth it.

No i wont sell my soul from what i inderstand no dietie wants it its not kine to give and isnt anyones to take. But yea i feel like they do thing to impact your life in a major way so you call upon them.


Some consequences can take a hell of a lot of time to be paid in full, most dark magicians learn to skirt karmic repercussions bypassing the law but one always end up paying the piper in full.

Look at Crowley, in the end he was an addict , broke , destitute and alone.

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Crowley was a great magician hes famous. But what good does it do now hes dead…

What do they say?

Did you have a spirit you were close to before that you could ask about this?

I want to try and find you things that might help (links, names, methods, resources, ideas) but I’m not sure exactly what you need.


Sorry i had a lil breakdown last night me and my brother lost our job yeaterday cause our boss is a crook. But i did a ritual ladtnight night to satan at mignight in the woods. Kinda scary. He came to me with blonde hair and smiled… I asked for guidance. And before it was mainly hecate since shes the mother of witchcraft. And few others Ganesh and cernunos/herne and now thoth. But… I dont want to back down from the black magician side after lastnight and meeting “him” i asked for his light to embrace me and now i feel almost purified.


Ha. I understand everybody has their opinions but like negathex said if ANY dietie calls to you wouldnt you want to know why. Ive wondered about satan since i started tgis website and looked into the LHP. Do Not take me as a light weight newbi that doesnt understand yhe concepts of gods with their negative and positive sides. Yea i talked about the soul but after researched its just a easy way out and from what E.A koetting says its not mine to give. And dude i live in the south ok the woods aint shit. The momment and everything was different.

Your good dude ill watch what i post in the future not everything is meant to be put on the internet

Interesting how Satan appeared to you with blond hair. Have you been reading some of the Joy of Satan material or any material that might’ve described Satan that way?