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I would like to know the difference between , SATAN and LUCIFER. I felt that they are completely different entities. I felt rage when I was worshiping SATAN. And a different feeling with LUCIFER. Someone of you , please explain.

Satan is a title which means adversary, Lucifer is a being.Who Lucifer really is can make another debate, so, lets not go there.

Since Satan is a title, different demons can take that title.It can be Lucifer or some other demon entirely.I am not sure if there really is a Satan out there, except egregore ones.


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theyre different, thats all i can tell you


Some experience them as different, others the same. Your personal gnosis is what will determine if they are or aren’t. There’s been similar debates in thread.


It has been said that Satan and Lucifer are completely different beings with a same range of vibration and they have their own empires.

In short, you can say they both are friends or best friends or brothers or alabama 101.

But personal gnosis will help you determine your case.

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In the way I work with them and everything I have personally done they have always presented as 2 seperate beings. I have always known them as seperate. This is just my personal experience. Everyone is different.


They are really two different Elders

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Lucifer is an entity while Satan is not. Lucifer was originally a sun god in roman mythology. All gods and demons are the human ego projected onto the invoked entities and I base this belief on the fact that shamanism before polytheism did not had gods but spirits that was channeled and summoned.
Satan to me is a symbol of man who is his or her own god.

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@Blizzard what’s Alabama 101 in this context mean?

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My personal experience is:

Satan from documents is the Devil and the evil doer. He is the one that all claim and blame everything evil and bad on. He is the scape goat of man kind.

Lucifer I know from documents is a Greek god also known as Phosphorus, or Eosphoros. He is the god of dawn and a bearer of the torch. He is also a fallen angel that rebelled from God. But experience wise, I can see the light and shadow aspects of him. I can definitely see both qualities of an angelic and a god.

So the difference to me? Lucifer is more on knowledge persay. He is a different type of energy that is hard to place.

However Satan is a being of multiple faces. He comes as you believe him to be. He is more primordial in the sense that he reminds me of the forces that is the building blocks of what we see around us. His energy is dense and hot. Honestly reminds me of the inner parts of the Earth. Even though I feel he is connected to a lot of the cosmos he is definitely more so connected to and with the primordial nature and nature. Rocks, molten lava, storms, mountains, ancient trees are just a few things that come to mind right now as examples.

Now however they say that Satan and Lucifer is the same but separate. Some say they are one and some say they are not. Some say Satan is Lucifer’s creation while some say Satan is his own creation. So really at this point anything is possible. The only one thing for me at least is, Satan to me is not just a thought form or just a respiration of human existence.

And to add I can go on and on about this but you know I think you get the point I’m making. Lol. There is a lot of different info on both with different aspects and looks from different places of the world.


Satan is not always Lucifer, Lucifer is always Satan.

When I started in the lhp, what I read an interpretation that Lucifer was the spirit of innovation, reason, and creativity. While Satan was the spirit of rebelliousness, non-conformity, and adversarialism.