Satan sounds so different

I guess I am just wondering how come does Satan feel so different to me, and when I read about him here and on other sources, people keep warning and saying he is cruel and other stuff like that.

It can be discouraging and I ask him about it but still don’t really get too much of a sense of what it could be, except that maybe he is still misunderstood. But I feel understood by him and I feel like he has been around for a while now and maybe even longer than I am aware of, since there is a kindred familiarity and comfort I do not have with any other dark spirits. Satan seems ready to connect with me when I wanna talk to him. He is very nice to me and I feel like he helps me.

When I say his name and wait for him, I feel myself change inside myself, almost immediately. I get a very heavy feeling, like intoxicated and very nice feeling all over my whole body. He feels very comforting and I usually talk to him about stuff, and he gives me confirming signs he is around me. I feel good when I get signs of him and I say hi back to him :slight_smile:

I am hesitant to put this here but he has approved of me sharing this about him, and also I’m curious about other people’s experiences.

Also, I do not identify as a Satanist or any religion, by the way. I speak and talk to different spirits if they wanna talk to me. Just in case this helps to clarify anything.

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It’s all part of the same whole that is the entity known as Satan. He is showing you an aspect he may not show others, but it doesn’t mean that what others say about him isn’t also true. Spirits are far more complex than most realise (just like humans), and they are never exactly what we expect them to be, even when they take the form of our expectations.


I personally don’t view Satan as a actual individual but rather a title within the infernal that jumps from person to person, so he’ll/she’ll feel different.

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Thanks @DarkestKnight I sometimes find it hard to understand humans different sides :smile: but yes it makes sense that he might be showing different sides to different people.

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Hi @anon48079295, I have read that on this forum. How some members experience Satan as a title.

Can you please explain what you mean by a title jumping from person to person?

Like the title president jumps around based on political things. The infernal empire has politics as well Kings, Queens, Presidents and so forth. The title Satan being used pretty much the same way.

Interesting, thanks for explaining. I am not too familiar with the infernal empire so I won’t say much about it. So far, all I know is I am connecting with the same entity on a regular basis and his name is Satan :revolving_hearts:

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Satan by Gustave Doré, in the Ninth Circle of Hell, from Dante’s Inferno.

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What benefit does it give? Like what does it do?

Like king means ruler, what does the title of satan give?

Satan is under the head of the Empire, Lucifer. However, is equal to the kings of the Infernal in some aspects.