Satan Marbas and Archangel Raphael working together for healing

I asked the 3 of them to help with the healing. I was surprised to see that they just united their forces towards the goal. No hard feelings between archangel and demon. Who says is not possible and they work against each other?


Apparently, some of those angels predate Judaism.


Raphael once told me to contact Marbas for help with something! :slight_smile:


This is very interesting and helpful. Did you summon them all at once or at different times to ask for help?


Interesting combination. I wouldn’t have had Satan seeing it as vast overkill. Marbas does plenty just on His own.

I understand Angels heal to heal. They are not associated with the affairs and passions of mankind or any given human.

The “Demons” are those who enjoyed being entangled in the affairs of mankind. They will heal and hurt with an agenda.

In My work with Marbas I was given foot soldiers who feed Me my enemies energy. They also strengthen my allies.

I would call Raphael to heal My astral body and it in turn heal My flesh. Raphael like to work with entities who have at least reached an astral level of ascension.

The healing I want is the “Lake of Fire”


I LovE seeing cross entities working together. Its like a family reunion that works. :slight_smile: IDK about Satan in the mix, but E.A. said that he used Marbas and Raphael together. He is all for it. He mentioned that in Evoking Eternity as well as Mastering Evocation.


I was surprised too. Satan is in mix of everything I do, I started with him, he’s gonna be with me for the rest of my journey in all of my workings. I honestly think Satan and Lucifer are the same entity but different aspects of it. After this experience I rethink a lot of things. I don’t think all this entities work against each other is more that humans gave them this "adversary title. Was very surprising…I thought is going to be a hot mess…and no, it really work out very efficiently. I summoned them all together in the same time and I asked them to wok together toward the goal which was a fast healing. No question asked agreed and proceed to work. I am amazed and grateful to all 3 of them for cooperation.


That is interesting I did an evocation a while back, inverted pentagram, calling on Azazel for help as I was working on my Mastering Evocation course. He pointed me in the direction of doing an Angelic path. The next day, II felt an angelic presence and have been doing E.A.'s Angelic pathworking since then. Looking back, I can see why Azazel pointed me in that direction…for now.

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Thank you I was just asking the same question