Satan evocation/satanic pact for a desperate help

Hi everyone, this is my first message here. I state that I’m new to the world of magic, I only got interested in it earlier this year, so I barely know the basics. I therefore turn to you who are certainly more experienced than me. My life, because of various personal reasons that it is better not to write, is slipping towards an unpleasant end. I don’t take into account everything I’ve lost, and now I don’t even hope to get it back anymore; but I just want one last thing, just one help to save me from my life. I sought this help from Satan, but for a long time I didn’t have the courage to talk about it. Today, in which necessity has led me to write here, I would like some help from people, I do not expect experts, who at least have a good knowledge about Satan, therefore evocations or rituals regarding this entity, or even safe pacts with him, which do not compromise even more this life and the other. A good evocation rite that even an inexperienced neophyte like me can complete, or a good book on which I can study to learn what is necessary about evocations and pacts and how to put them into practice would also be fine. I apologize for the length of the message, but this is the most important thing you need to know about me.
Thanks in advance

Evoke him and speak to him

Enn : “Tasa reme laris Satan – Ave Satanis

I don’t really trust him a lot, but he’s been cool with me the few times I’ve worked with him

We’ll ask for strength from him. He is very volatile so I would say work with some one like Lucifer he is much nicer just don’t talk much to Lucy but just think in you head say out loud Lucifer

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Ehhh I don’t know, it’s true tho that I felt a more baneful energy from Satan

I Agree with your say but Satan is mainly known for black magic and dark sent I’m currently working on Beelzebub he is Satan in the Christian town is fetch the grinch and hopefully you get with angel quil


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The Satanic Bible, as well as The Satanic Rituals, can be found online.
S Connellys books are very good. As are EAs. Nate Bales does personal consultations at I think.

This said, draw Satans sigil on a piece of paper large enough to gaze on, get some incense and a candle, and write out what you want in detail.
Recite his enn that you can find on here.
Ask him to come into your space and state what you wrote and ask within a reasonable timeline.

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Thanks everyone for the answers. I will try to put into practice what you have recommended to me. Thanks again

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