Satan and Baphomet

Yesterday when I was meditating the clear figure of baphomet stood in front of me. I still remember it’s face, nose, horns and completer figure but without wings. Before meditation i reading about satan as I am more lean towards Satan and I was about chant Satan’s enn while meditating. As I saw the figure i opened my eyes. After seeing figure i thought the figure i saw was of Satan but after googling i came to know its figure of Baphomet. The figure was appeared in golden lines. I want to know how that figure of Baphomet came in front of me when I was thinking about Satan. What to do further please guide ??


Many beings answer to the resonate cord of “satan” or the “devil”. Your experience sounds phenomenal. Perhaps Baphomet has something to teach you.


What is the difference between Satan and Baphomet. Are they different dieties? Shall I go forward to ask Baphomet? What if i kept chanting Satan’s enn everyday?

Baphomet is also symbolic of duality on many levels


Baphomet is one of the many satanic personalities. Over time Satan has come to include a demonic patheon of demon deities.

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In deeper esoteric tradition Baphomet is the representation of how exoteric religious people understand the Creator God/Source. It is best illustrated in Key 15 of the Tarot. Among other things, it is the card of mirth (aka laughter or humor).

IOW - baphomet is the false understanding of the Singularity, the Source, the Primal Will, the NoThing.

Perhaps, in your desire to become intimate with Satan you received the Baphomet image back to demonstrate that are looking at Satan that is incongruent with Truth or reality.


Pan, Baphomet, Moloch, the Devil there is an aspect there