Sastan's first lesson to me during our working together

I called Sastan last night to keep with the 4 day regiment he suggested.
Whay follows is my jounal entry about the experience.

I called Sastan sgain tonight.It was a little more of a struggle to open his sigil tonight than it was last night.I gazed at Paralda’s sigil first instead and it opened much quicker.I felt Paralda’s essence in my body as my arms floated in the air.I then opened Sastan’s sigil and called to him.My body began to move out of control.I asked Sastan to help me view the spirit world.He told me to relax and receive.He asked what I saw and I said nothing.He said “NO you have seen the spirit world all your life.All the images you have seen when you close your eyes have been from this world.You must now learn how to use it for your will” (this was an extreme revelation for me being that since I was a kid I could see whatever I wanted when I closed my eyes.This faded with time,but now when I close my eyes I get impressions of ghastly and hideous faces) He continued to say “Do not mistake the things you see as imaginaton” I then gazed at a bowl of wster and asked for Sastan to show himself.He had me close my eyes and I began to interally see a cobra.Seeing the snake lunge at me in my minds eye I opened my eyes to the water bowl.I began receiving impressions and small visulizations of a cobra lashing out of the water.I then thanked Sadtan for his guidance and dismissed him.

I’m so fucking stoked to start getting results!
Once again thanks for reading.

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And I remember when you used to tell us that you couldn’t connect with spirits. You have come a long way Musta , and for that you deserve a big congratulations!

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Thanks Orismen! I just need to keep looking forward,and not let up. Each time I do these exercises I feel my power growing. When I first started delving into the occult I thought after a few tries I would be evoking legions to do my bidding.Man was I wrong! I’ve finally realized that power comes with time,and discipline.Now that I’m not getting frusterated,and taking it slow my understanding on how these powers work are becoming much clearer to me.After my working with Sastan and Paralda is over I’m going to move on to sigil majick.I realize it may be awhile before I’m able to evoke,but I’m enjoying my experiences that I’m having now.And the journey I’m on will be well worth the effort once I reach my goal of being able to evoke.

What Sastan said about always seeing the spirit world is exactly what Hekate told me as well.

Great job brother!

The biggest obstacle we must overcome is doubting ourselves. Either that or we should immediately check into a mental hospital and toss the key.

Nah but it seems like every month I press forward with all my might, dedicated to my daily discipline routines and rituals, new breakthroughs happen and I’m amazed at the progress.

The spirits keep getting more material each time I call them, I’ve gone from from barely believing myself to seeing fairly solid glowing ‘violet’ astral outlines(sometimes blacker figures) when I call them. All the way to having random visions with ‘blood dot’ figures and totem symbols(wild ride dude). Not to mention seemingly ‘random’ things(NOT!) that happen because of my magick. I can only imagine what happens when they ‘totally appear’ as in the M.E. artwork.

It’s pretty amazing when you can put the puzzle pieces together from the early stages in your life that led you here, isn’t it? I imagine many of us have some crazy stories.

I’m with E.A., let’s ride this bitch till the wheels fall off, this is just the beginning. I love this place!

I’ll be there with you soon. Struggling, but learning for sure. I can’t wait until we have the opportunity to all work together on something.

Great work Musta!!!