SASTAN 4th of November, 2013.

I hadn’t had a great deal of success contacting this spirit with several previous uneventful attempts but on this day I found myself in a receptive enough state in my car on my lunch break so I ran with it. I was also parked on a busy road so it was a good exercise in blocking out extraneous distractions and dropping into theta. I opened Sastan’s sigil very quickly and he appeared in my inner vision outside the car as a humanoid lizard, green in color. I sank into the T/G sync fast and even though I didn’t have a notebook handy I recalled much of what was received that evening and wrote it down. Take this writing as an attempt to get the ideas across from this spirit but not necessarily a word for word account. I did my best to recount the experience. The entire experience lasted around 15 minutes.

Sastan’s advice to me on working with sigils;

When working with entities via sigils, carefully study the lines and patterns of the sigil. Look over the sigil slowly, trace the lines with your eyes line by line and embed it into your memory. If you can bring colors and smells attributed to the spirit, this pleases them, but it isn’t necessary. Sigils and Seals are different. Seals belong to the mother/father entity and sigils to the facets and offspring of the entity pertaining to specific purpose, but a Seal is for an overarching figure. Some familiars/subordinates are as ancient as the entity itself.

Think of them like a condensed source of consciousness power and the limbs(subordinates) of that power are sent out to appear, do the work and allow the overarching deity to be in many places at once. You can also do this with self-created servitors and be in many places at once. Like how a mother ship has scouts and smaller ships sent out to do its service.

When you open a sigil and make contact, small and nonsensical mental chatter may begin leading up to it(glossolalia). It may not make any sense but is rather getting mind into a necessary state for contact.

Q. How do I practice to get better at clairvoyance/seeing/communicating with spirits?

A. Fire and heat vapor are gateways into the realm of spirit. Fire, heat off the road, candles, many other heat sources. Gaze into that vapor and call forth the spirit to manifest into that element. Practice this until you get results.

Q. Can you teach me a technique for improving my inner senses?

This technique was shown rather than explained;

Close your eyes and find a center point in the darkness behind your eyes. A short horizontal and vertical line like a rifle scope. Visualize that intersection and from there you can begin to expand the space of visualization within your mind.

To do this, imagine a transparent bubble or square block on the outer side of that scope and place one bubble or block after the other, straight out in front of you, forming an Indian file of circles shooting straight out in front of you expanding the dark, inner field of vision and space directly center and forward. This will give a spacious effect in front of you.

Likewise, visualize the same bubbles forming out into infinity along the horizontal scope line, left and right of your center point. Do this behind you as well, so you push forward, back, left and right out into infinity, opening the area of your inner visual experience massively. Now, returning to the center point, create the lines of bubbles or blocks up, down and diagonally, shooting off into all directions to expand an entire infinite sphere of space all around you and this will enable 360 degree vision rather than just a limited space in front of you like a cinema screen.
Practice this for four days and you will see an improvement in your abilities.

The same method may be applied to the inner hearing by locating and visualizing the center point of your physical ears, both left and right and expanding your receptivity of sound from all angles and sides by pushing out a line of expansion bubbles/blocks to open up the space of hearing around and within you.


Any shape to push the field outward is fine to use, it’s more the power of visualization/imagination serving a twofold purpose.

  1. To get practice visualizing objects in your minds eye.

  2. The actual expansive sensation this exercise creates and establishes within your inner field of vision.

All the best,

Virdon Djinn


Very true. Virdon is farther along than he gives himself credit for, its an annoying habit of his.

Lol!!! It’s true I guess, I’m annoying myself with this habit, TWF! Even still, I don’t think I’ll be content until I can get full sensory immersion each and every time I drop into my imagination. Until then, I think it’s time I purchased one of these;