Saspu helped me to know my totem animal but what appeared was not an animal

I wanted to meet my totem animal and know his name, so one night I evoked the angel saspu and ask him to show me my totem animal in a dream, so I went to sleep and I think I met my totem animal but it was not an animal it was a viking who was holding a large stone with nordic runes carved on it I didn’t remember the order they were carved,he said it was called Mogi the wolf, would anyone here like to try to evoke him? I think his name written in runes can be used as a sigil

That normal, not everyone has a totem animal but rather something equivalent and not quite always an animal. As there’s a few types of totem animals/spirits, ones that are just aspects of ourselves, ones that are actual separate spirits that chose to help us in turn it helps them, or animals/spirits from the past who chose to aid us out of a bond from this or a former life with no benefit to themselves but also a choice of their own.


@lordlight123 I would look up the characteristics of the wolf totem and at the same time look into the mythology of the viking berserkers.

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