Sargatanas (Observations)

After a few periods of work, my experiences have been none but positive with this spirit. In fact, this is my favorite spirit out of all I’ve dealt with. But to keep things focused, here’s an entry of appreciation on what I’ve uncovered of this being.

His first appearance was shadow-like in astral vision. But another glimpse showed a man with light skin, white hair and golden glowing eyes. The second appearance was of a red dragon. Initially, the voice was rough but really upbeat and excited, a sort of jokester tone. It kinda made me laugh. When the dragon showed, the voice was soft and feminine.

There’s a visible closeness between him and Astaroth. In fact, they’ve often been present together. His symbols are the butterfly and dragon. Presiding over Gateways and “knowledge of countrymen”, his dominion lies all manners of attaining favor from people and shifting minds to open doorways for new opportunities. His powers lie in breaking of limitations, stimulating change, courage, imparting inspiration, strength, and sharpened perception. He can help you attain animal familiars, as he has offered to me but didn’t happen.

Having absolute knowledge in gaining favor, he can cause the love of anyone desired, lust being his favorite and most potent method. This lust is not solely sexual, but more like glamorous admiration. People (incl. opposite sex) will see you in this infatuating way where they will take great pleasure in your presence, becoming whimsically accepting of your actions. For me, the men treated me like a best friend they would get excited to see and treat really well; while women would be really sweet and playfully touchy, whether sexual or not.

He effects on the personality are very uplifting and encouraging. It feels like taking a miraculous happy pill that makes you wanna suddenly chase everything you’ve ever desired, with a boost of confidence that will make you uncaring of consequences. That said, he can increase attraction by inspiring self improvement. “Forget the pain, embrace the gain”.

In terms of spiritual practice, his powerful talents are in spiritual travel, inducing visions, divination, sharpening senses, discovering concealed info and empowering mediumship. He’s also a great spiritual protector and barricades from intrusions. He also assists in ritual consecration and binding. He has shown me multiple visions on request and even led me to Astaroth for my professional studies.

This spirit is very much about improving life by seeing the value and positive traits in the self and building upon them. He does seem more interested in human affairs than many other spirits – more willing to partake in mundane social matters. And like Astaroth, he very encouraging about fulfilling your potential as a person. If you’re feeling down, need a major uplift in life; you’ll find something.


Haven’t read much about him? Can you kindly provide his sigil and enn?

There is no Enn but one shared on this forum.
“Invoco res Extensa Sargatanas” (I invoke the forth-defined. Meaning ‘identified’)
It’s a Latin statement but it’s not needed. He arrives quickly so incantations aren’t necessary.


Okay thanks…I’m gonna meditate for some minutes then call on him with his enn in the morning…I can’t evoke yet as my third eye is not opened

May I ask about the detail of ritual you work with Sargatanas?

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Bookmarked. I have been delaying work with him quite a long time, but his name pops up in my head from time to time.


Thank you.

I experienced the same thing.

He can be called upon at any time of the day yeah?

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I just drew this, is it usable?

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So friends, is moloch suitable from beginner to master?

I like Sargatanas too.:grin:

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Ok so yesterday I called sargatanas… I got a date last night and ended up having intense sex with the girl until very late. She told me over and over that she never has sex on the first date but that she couldn’t resist :scream_cat: