Sargatanas for tearing down a persons magical defences

Hey there. I have a general question regarding the demon sargatanas. Recently my partner left me and I’ve been meaning to get her back however during our relationship she told me that magick doesn’t effect me my family are protected, despite her nor her father or mother practising the arts.

My question is can sargatanas bypass her defences (if any) and can be manipulate her in the way I’m hoping so she comes back. I’ve read on this forum somewhere that he can bypass defences and get straight to the target. Is this true.


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Not really. You will has to be stronger than hers, and you’re not practiced using it.

From your text you are mixed up between wanting to hurt her and wanting her back, so you will need to clarify that for yourself and pick one to make your intention very clear and unmuddled for it to work. Messy thinking makes for messy magick.

Meanwhile, she knows what she’s doing, she may sense your attack and retaliate. I suspect she will take you to the cleaners and you would be well advised no to start what you can’t finish.


I used to be so frustrated because I couldn’t get my magick to work on my boyfriend. And then, I realized that when I connected with his energy instead of just saying his name in ritual, it ALL started working. He has this ancestral protective entity that I’ve seen and spoken with and I think maybe she has to do with my not being able to work magick in the beginning.

In my view, it’s about learning how to work someone’s “energetic” systems. As I got to know him better and as I started connecting with his energy more, my magick related to him got stronger and stronger. I’ve never used it to “get him back” or in a manipulative way, but the target matters in magick and the more practiced you are (in general and specific to a person), the more results you’ll get.

Here’s the thing though, when you connect with someone who has their guard up against you, for example someone who broke up with you, you’re not just met with their energy signature. You’re met with whatever guards and walls and spirits they keep around them. Some of which are inclined to attack whatever touches them.

I’m with @Mulberry . You’re gonna have your shit handed to you.

…that doesn’t mean that you can use it against her and everything will be fine.

Demons don’t work the same for everyone who uses them. Will matters, protection matters, intention matters. While Sargatanas can probably bypass her defenses, that’s not the only thing that matters.

*I’m not sure how much experience you have, so I’m operating under the assumption that you don’t have much.


I want her back , the feelings are genuine but I don’t know which method is most effective in doing so.

If this is something you want, you would ideally plan this very well and work in steps.
First work on your own protection for a couple of days, make sure you have that layered well and in a way she will not know about. Then you will want to work on her defences, make her magically weaker and only then place an attack that is so subtle that she will think it is her own will. If she is an advanced magician and the magick is too fast and too strong, she will immediately know it is not her will, so work in steps and make it look like her normal train of thoughts to have more chance of this working out.

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How would I petition to sargatanas? Gaze at his sigil chant his enn and when I feel a shift read out my letter of intent and what I’m willing to offer?

This forum has hundreds of tutorials, here is a popular one for petitions:

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