Sarcastic and Sassy, humourous gods

Hello! So, tell me, what are your most humourous moments with the gods?

My most recent moment was when I was talking about how people pronounce Paimon as “Pie-Mon”, and he quietly suggested I give us new pie nicknames. See, myself, Paimon and Belial have been known to ourselves as “Peanut Butter Jelly” for a few years now, my name used to start with J, so we were PB&J.
But now Paimon has started a new trend where we name ourselves after Pies. If anyone’s curious, Paimon picked a specifically Granny Smith Apple pie, and Belial went with Cherry Pie. Mine is either Pumpkin or Blueberry, I haven’t decided yet!

Anyways, it’s good humour and fun to joke around with them, I’d love to hear any moment yall have had!

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Thats hilarious.:joy:


My egregore representations of Eris and Persephone mapped Hades to me because they thought I was a good enough approximation or that I am literally a branch or that I should put him on like a costume. I think it is kind of dumb.

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I’d say my most funny moment is being on the astral surrounded by people and having them all laugh at me, when I look at myself and I see something like thisimages
Although I must admit it was really funny as I really snorted like one and everything.
Also what happened after made up for it :grin:

Wasn’t hades supposed to be a place?

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There are a lot of people that share the same name as places. It is called an Eponym.