Santa Muerte


I have been working with Santa Muerte for over 7 days now, I’m praying to her asking to bring my ex back, it’s been about a month I haven’t seen my ex, she hasn’t blocked me from anything but we are not in contact.

I really don’t know what to do anymore, I’m not giving up but, how long does it take for Santa Muerte to answer, I’m making offerings, daily like cigarettes, tequila.

Asking her for signs anything, it’s like the longer I wait the worse I feel. I know magick is not over night. I know it’s a process. But damn, if I have to wait for over 3 months what’s the point. Might as well forget all this.

I have a friend working with Sallos since the 1st day we broke up, and still nothing, I’ve tried meditation, positive affirmations. Spell baths. Also we have done a voodoo love doll. Still I don’t see anything wtf is going on

It’s been over a month, some of you might say, chill it’s only a month. But seriously I’m giving my all for this. Lost weight not eating or sleeping right.

Anyone out there on any advice?

Hey pal, I’m gonna be friendly here. What if you don’t really have to go back with your ex?

Learn more about yourself, search for that core, and move on with your life. Sometimes it’s the best we can do. Also, magick is about patience, attempt and failure at times, but you gotta keep studying and improving yourself. Gather your personal power and things might come easily, just as they might not. It’s all about practice and working yourself up.

Take care of YOU, dude.


Maybe it’s best to take a break from worrying over it for so long and see your time as a single person as a good thing (maybe I’m biased though because I love being single lol) focus your energy on other productive things and maybe she’ll work in your favor to help you get your ex back.


Thank you

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I’ve been through a massively fucked up break up not long ago. I understand the feeling of wanting things back just the way they were, including your beloved ex, but I guarantee it gets better over time and you’ll come out stronger than you could ever imagine.

Remember, you only have yourself and no one else till the end. With or without magick.


I agree, I’m assuming you didn’t try any spells to get your ex back?

Not at all, and I never will.


I will never understand this thing about wanting your exes back so bad… People come and go. Sometimes it hurts, but it’s alright - that’s how relationships work. Learn everything you possibly can from the experience and move on.

And yes - I have been in this situation - when things went bad with the love of my life (or at least I thought she was back then), and we broke up, I was on the verge of killing myself. I was literally walking around in my room with a knife thinking how I was gonna do it and all that shit. And I wasn’t a 14yo emo - I was a 19yo person, with a job and a bright mind and future. After a few hours of doing this and crying my eyes out, I finally decided - don’t end myself literally, but end this person, who would go to such extremes for shit like this, kill the childish bitch I was, perform a “Personality Suicide”, as I came to call it later.

It took a couple years but I finally got over her. I even had an interesting regression session where I found out that she’s been with me in every life, where I was a witch/mage/etc., and she has been acting like a sort of a catalyst for my magickal powers. She comes - stirs shit up so badly, that I’m left questioning my whole existence, until I finally decide to die and be reborn as a stronger, better, magickal being. If it wasn’t for her, I most likely wouldn’t be here typing this.

What i’m trying to say is this: Learn from the experience, from your mistakes - “kill” the person, who let her go. Become the best version of you, get your shit together and make sure that the next time you find “The One”, you are “worthy” and capable of seizing it, doing it right.
Forgive her, forgive yourself - that’s the best advice I can give you.
I know this is not what you came here for, but it’s honestly the right way to act - psychologically and emotionally.

Now - on the topic of your magick - seems to me like you’ve been focusing too much on the outcome. One of the first “rules” of magick I learned was: “Never lean on results, cause when you lean on something, you only push it away from you.” Trust yourself and your capabilities, and if it is not working as intended - look within and find the reasons why.
No one here can tell you why it’s not working - you hold the answers.

Sorry for the long post and for the sob story, I felt it was needed to get my point across - to show you I’ve been where you are. It gets better, trust me. All of this is part of life.

P.S.: @truewerewolf and @eliana gave awesome advises as well.


Maybe it’s over.

Aww thanks I try

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And you’re right it is weird to dwell on one person but I think that we like to go back to people and experiences that we’re familiar with and (wrongly) assume that there’s no one out there that’s better even though we live in countries with millions of people lol. I think love is great and all but it’s also great to think logically and not put make any one person your whole world. I’m glad you survived and we’re able to get over your ex.

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Thanks! I’m doing better than ever before. Shout out to ma boi Lucifer as well for helping me get my act straight. :v:

It’s not just that we live in countries with millions of people - we also live on a planet with billions, so your “perfect mate” may not even be speaking your language. The world is big, and salvation creeps behind every corner.


Thank you really appreciate your post. It’s just hurts bad. I just want to make the wrongs write. We are truly connected, it’s like when we were together the world stops, this literally came from her mouth.

It’s just hard to grasp how someone who loves you or says that they do just completely shut you off, like you don’t exist. She literally abandoned me. Just tossed me away like trash. IDK just wanna give it my all to show her I’m true to her from my heart.


No problem, I like helping when I have something to say on a topic.

I think you’ve done your best, and it’s time to accept that it’s over.

You don’t know what’s going on in her mind and how she feels. She may have shut you off to deal with the break up herself. That’s what I did with my ex. I couldn’t bear seeing stuff from her on social media, running into her and all of that, so I just blocked everything that reminded me of her.

If she’s not willing to talk things over, so you can both reach some kind of a closure, just know it’s fine. Closure is overrated. You will get it when you are done forgiving.

As I already said - the best move for you right now is to focus on yourself. Become the beautiful, unique creature you were always meant to be. And you’ll find the REAL “One”, if that’s what you’re looking for, I promise.

It’s 7am here and it’s time for me to get ready to get home from work, so I wish you best of luck. You got the powah!

Ardeon out.

Thank you, I appreciate it, I forgot to mention a few things, I had several reading and they all say she is coming back, and her friend told me she is pray to god a lot to god and trying to get closer to god. Would that affect any of these spells?

Become wealthy and you can get her back.

Lol yea, working on it.

Those were my two cents lol

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Have you worked with Santa Muerte in the past? If not, why did you choose to now? I tried “working” with Santa Muerte once and did not see any results. A few months later, I was “working” with Hekate and was basically told to dedicate myself to Santa Muerte. I read a few books and made an altar, which I then consecrated with rituals over the course of 2 months. This was all last summer/fall. Since then, I have definitely seen Santa Muerte bless my life, but it was a process and, like I said, I first had to create an altar and dedicate my life to her.

I have an alter, at my a friends house and she said to start with Santa Muerte, it’s only been a 2 weeks. We made a petition to her and I’m praying daily to Santa Muerte. Ask for signs, and giving her offerings daily. Just pray for the process to start, I don’t see anything happening yet. They say she works quick. Just hoping for feed back. Is there anything else I should do?