Santa Muerte

Lately, Santa Muerte has been popping up all over the place in my life. In my thoughts, on social media, in random conversations, etc. It seems like she may be trying to reach out to me. However, I am a bit cautious about trying to make a connection with her. Some research says that she is not jealous and that you can have a relationship with her as well as other deities as long as she has her own separate altar. Other research says she is very jealous and wants her devotees to only work with her and very few others. (St. Michael for example.) I don’t think I can just end my relationship with my other deities, but I’m also so drawn to her and I’m unsure what to do. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.


I was working with her for a couple of years. Not only she is not jealous but she is a very loving mother figure.
Santissima Muerte can help you with everything from money to love to protection. So usually when you work with her you don’t need to work with anyone else.
I would highly recommend her to work with her. Start by not having an altar and tell her you would like to test the waters. This is what i did then i got her an altar.
Unfortunately i dont have her altar anymore and i cannot work with her. But she still holds a space in my heart.
She works fast and she delivers results. And for me even though i did not follow the traditions and i only used my intuition she truly treated me in a really nice way.