Santa Muerte & I falling out, now I pray to Demons. Bad?

I used to pray to Santa Muerte for 10+ years, on & off but that was such a bad relationship. Always negative things happening, taking away things so I ended that spiritual relationship. It was a very bad breakup, me hating Santa Muerte.

I recently did evocation to King Paimon, King Beleth, Duke Zepar & Duke Dantalion.

Would me praying to Santa Muerte, “Holy Death” & how that relationship ended effect me trying to pray to demons now? Sometimes I feel like no demons even hears my evocation because of me praying to Santa Muerte before - and how it ended very bad.

I did like 3-4 evocation to King Paimon, King Beleth, Duke Zepar & Duke Dantalion but never heard back. I just ask for sign if they heard my request but its been going complete opposite of my request. Instead of making things better, its been getting worse regarding “ex”. I got to a point where I just feel like my request is falling on death ears now so I’m just thinking about giving up completely. I would like your honest opinion if possible. Its been almost 2 weeks since I did evocation to Dantalion & Zepar and been been 2 days since I did evocation to King Paimon & King Beleth. The only sign I got was right after Evocation, I had horrible bad dreams…

There is actually many here who invoke her and Demons. So, it would not inherently have an affect. But, you may want to mend things with them. If they are acting against you, then that may have an effect. So, try to mend things instead of holding hatred in your heart.


I don’t see how?

It’s not like ALL these spirits are part of one thing.

They all got their own interests, feelings, agendas.

It would depend more on WHY it didn’t work out with the Santissima Muete.

Even then, there’s going to be plenty of spirits that won’t care I imagine.

If you have a falling out with a flesh and blood person it doesn’t mean you can’t work with anybody else, unless you have a really bad reputation or something.

I feel this is more of a personal insecurity than anything.

With all that said, I would definitely say La Santissima Muerte has a strong energy.

Some time ago, J.D. Temple did a cord cutting with her, and I watched it live.

I got so sick and the energy was so heavy during the invocation that I had to come back when he got to the actual cord cutting.

Gave me the impression that she doesn’t jibe with me very well.

Although recently…I’ve felt like that door might be open if I choose to walk through it.

I can direct you to a book where it cut pacts yok 10 years did you made a pact? Just curious bcse people promes something or for a time of year etc.its why I asking if you pact, break it asap.

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I am a devotee of Santa Muerte. She has specifically let through Demons in my work with her.

So … no, you working with Santa Muerte in the past in and of itself will not stop you from working with Demons.

However…you may want to take a reevaluation of your methods and intent. Santa Muerte is not a spirit that you can throw away or dabble with. If you work with her, you have to have a consistent relationship with her.

In my experience she is very loving and protective. So…you may need to do some thinking about your relationship with her from a different perspective.

Were you seeking to use her or have a relationship with her? Were you seeking to command her or serve her? What are the things she took from you??? If you take an honest look at it…were these things that were hurting you or holding you back and maybe she took them to liberate you so that you could ascend?

These types of questions and more may be necessary to take a look at.

It seems that Santa Muerte has a close relationship with at least some of the Demons, so, if you had a “falling out” as you say with her and if you ended that relationship in a disrespectful way…it is possible that she could be blocking you in your further pursuits.

Also, consider, that just like if you have a falling out with a person, their close friends and family may no longer deal with you…it is possible that maybe you are getting silence from them because of how you ended things with their friend, Santa Muerte.

I’m not saying that I’m right with any of this, just trying to give a different perspective and get you to think a little deeper. I would suggest trying to properly end things with her, then try again.

King Paimon is a spirit that I have dealt with and have had no problems.


Yes please, direct me. I would like to end my relationship with Santa Muerte completely

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Thank you for the insight. I first met her 10 years ago since I was in deperate position. That original favor was never granted but I prayed to her again. Ever since I prayed to her, every relationship I got, she always end up taking it away. And also most recent relationship, she also look away the love of my life. Santa Muerte took it so away so bad that my ex hates me so much so. So that’s why I started praying to demons in hopes to bring back ex. Yes my relationship with Santa Muerte ended in a very bad way, disrespectul way in an understatement.

Thank you for telling me all this. I know I no longer want to work with Santa Muerte forever. I can talk with Santa Muerte only right to end it peacefully? or do i need to perform some other rituals just to end all cords with Santa Muerte? Maybe since I am asian, Santa Muerte never took me as a devotee.
I really want to have relationship with these demon spirits but if Santa Muerte is blocking me from having it, that only makes me not want to ever go back with Santa Muerte more honestly.

Well…I can tell you right away that it has nothing to do with you being Asian. Santa Muerte does not discriminate. Although she comes to us through Mexican culture…death is present everywhere and so does not discriminate.

I have to warn you about doing things to get your ex back. If Santa Muerte took these people from you…they likely weren’t right for you, no matter how much you may have loved them. Also…love work…doing work to compel someone to be with you… in my experience, NEVER turns out well and can often make matters worse. I don’t care what anyone will try to get you to believe…you CANNOT make someone love you nor can you make them want to be with you.

Now…you CAN do work to create an enviornment for reconciliation…be careful what you do.

Also…what makes you think that it was Her that took them away as opposed to some other reason? This is very important. How are you so sure it was her?

As far as ending your relationship with her…I would suggest going to her and humbling yourself…just respectfully let her know that you feel the time has come for you to go another way and that you don’t mean any disrespect for her…you just think you would be better suited in another path. Any statues pictures etc that you have of her…you should try to find another devotee to give them to…or if there are any spiritual shops or temples near you that work with her…you could take the statues to them and ask their advice.

The key is being humble and respectful.

Do this and see what kind of results you get.

Also…note that I’m not saying that she IS blocking the relationships with other spirits…I merely presented that as a POSSIBILITY. I don’t know if she is or not.


Thank you BabyDragon, you have been helpful. Honestly that’s the one thing I hate having relationship with Santa Muerte. Even if Santa Muerte thinks those person were not right for me, its my own love feeling to them that matters. I dont want to have a relationship with Santa Muerte who causes heartbreak/breakup just because she feels those person are not right for me. Santa Muerte is not going to the heartbreak, its us who are going through it. And yes I know its Santa Muerte who caused it because I asked for Santa Muerte to bring those specific people to me. Last girl, it took 3+ years to bring to me. So I waited so long & Santa Muerte just took it all away in 4 months relationship total.

I or anybody else - who wants to have a relationship with spiritual being to takes away the most important thing in your life…just because “Santa Muerte” doesnt think its a good fit.

Yes I will end it right with Santa Muerte today as I would never want to go back to her ever again…to much heart broken. Thank you for your kind words & suggestions as it has been a big help to me.

You are very welcome.

As I have such a beautiful relationship with her, I am sorry to hear that you want to end your relationship with her, but I respect your experience and feelings.

One last piece of advice…ANY spirit that you work with will remove lovers, friends, situations etc from you that are not in your best interest. No matter how much you may love that person or thing. The goal of the spirits is to help us ascend and grow, and they will disrupt anything keeping us from doing this. This is a staple of working with ANY spirit.

It is true that this can be a painful process…especially when it happens more than once, but we have to understand that they have our best interest at heart.

My point in saying this is to save you some time and disappointment. If you think that you are going to go work with Demons or any other type of spirit to avoid the types of things that you have mentioned…I’m sorry to tell you, but it would be better that you not work with spirits until you are ready. The only spirit that will give you everything you ask for with no consideration to your ascension and betterment is a spirit that does not care about you — and that is an EXTREMELY dangerous spirit.

Working with spirits is not about magically making all your dreams come true. It is about developing a relationship with a spiritual being who is going to be your mentor, guide, parent etc that will have your elevation as first priority. Sometimes, this will mean removing things and people that we love from our lives that do not serve us in the big picture…basically, if the spirit allowed that person or thing to stay in your life…that person or thing would hinder you from becoming the person you are meant to be. Sometimes, because of our emotions, we are unable to see this in the moment.

If you do your research, looking through this forum and other sources, you will see countless examples of people who have expressed similar things…the things that spirit has taken from them, or strange uncomfortable happenings. It is very common. But you will also see how those same people will tell you in the end that it was a blessing and they can understand it better after the fact.

Also, if Santa Muerte did bring you this person that you’re talking about, it’s unlikely that she would take them from you. There may be more to this than meets the eye.

Even when we receive something from the spirits, there is still regular life factors to consider … it is not a guarantee that just because God gives us something, that we can’t lose it or mishandle it etc…

Have you gotten a reading about this situation? I would suggest seeking out a divination session with someone to get deeper insight. There are many people who can do this that you can choose from.


Wow thank you for the kind & thoughtful advice. You really help me more then you know. Yes I am hurt that I ended my relationship with Santa Muerte but I think it was for the best. Your advice of spirits that will remove lovers & friends for my best interest, I have read that many times also so I think you are right about that. I really thank you for your advice in all.

BabyDragon, you have been the most helpful person on this forum to me so I really thank you that you saw my post & responded to me. I’m so grateful for your advices & knowledge! Because of your advice, I respectfully talk with Santa Muerte to end that relationship instead of having angry or bad feelings to Santa Muerte.

**You mention the only spirit that will give me everything I ask for with no consideration to my ascension & betterment, which spirit are you specifically talking about? I am not saying I will do that but I would also like to learn about those spirit as well so I can have full knowledge of everything.

You’re very welcome. I’m glad I could help. I wish you well in whatever path you decide to follow.

I’m not talking about a particular spirit here. I’m speaking generally. My point is that if you deal with a spirit that gives you everything you want without any consideration to whether or not it is good for you… this is a dangerous spirit that will not have your best interest at heart and is a trickster spirit or some other type of malevolent spirit and is probably feeding off of you.

Baby dragon ,have you talk to s.m.about her background ,origen,and she was honest whit you,? Long time ago I was interested in senor la muerte a Argentina cult/ group,but male in tis case,which background is well know in south America.

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Texas long I will look tis translate it

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Thanks Zorrito

I gotta be honest with you…

Im not entirely convinced that S. M. Was the problem here.

3 years is a long time, and frankly, if it was that hard to get the relationship to happen, then I’m not surprised it didn’t last.

(Edit: 4 months isn’t bad though, tbh…that’s a decent run I’d say)

You really don’t think maybe the relationship wasn’t going to be long-term or stable to begin with?

Now, I could be entirely wrong, but I feel like you can’t handle the disappointment and are externalizing it by (in a way) scapegoating La Santissima Muerte…

Much the same way anybody might blame any other deity for something that didn’t go the way they wanted.

If you keep experiencing the same patterns there may be something you’re failing to resolve or remedy…



Glenda Porter,Amazon Kindle prayer protection magick has a few tips to break pacts

Yes, I am familiar with San La Muerte and also with Mictecacihuatl.

Maybe you are way to influenced by catholicism.
What offerings do you give her?
What offerings and rituals you do with demons and her?
La Santa Muerte gives a lot but I noticed that she can be hostile once you turn your back on her.

Remember King Paimon isnt lightweight to handle. So even if you dont hear anything from him. Remain the offerings coming to his altar.

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