Santa Muerte heard me๐Ÿ’€(Journal)

Exactly a day after the Santa Muerte ritual , the roses I gave her turned in a weird way black and died!! And these were fresh roses! And in water. I know from before for other rituals they never dried so fast and NEVER turned black.
Im shocked once again is a sign it worked and she listened to my prayers :pleading_face:
Also this night I heard an owl at my window screaming, owl means Death. :owl:
She heard me again guys!
I gave her cigarettes too. I called on Santa Muerte to deliver karma and punish someone for me. She helped me before and Im sure she is going to do it again. The one Im trying to punish is a very evil narcissistic person.


what is the santa muerte ritual? I once tried working with her too, mainly for money workings.

Also curious about the ritual. I tried to work with her and have had very little sucess.

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I set up an image of Santa Muerte(or you can a statue if you have) I donโ€™t have a statue because is very expensive here . and under the image i put 2 black candles. I gave her offerings ciggarettes and those roses . Also I wrote her a petition about the things i want from her and burned it in front of the picture.

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