Santa muerte appeared?

Hello everyone.

A few nights ago I called on Santa muerte I had a sign the next day from her.
Now I had a dream where I walked into an antique store and there was a statue of her with a purple flower on it, and I don’t really understand what does this mean, I mean should I call her again?

I usually call or cast everything once due to the “if you do it again you don’t believe it’s working”

So what should I do, Santa muerte contacting me to call her again or justness showing that she accepted my request?

Also I did not found anything on the internet with her Red self the La roje self prayer or spells, anyone?

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I would understand that as acceptance of the request. And also showing you what she prefers to get. Purple flowers. Try to include them in her offering with anything else you promised.


Maybe a omen to consider to get a statue from her or make a shrine for her with oa purple flowers, statue etc?

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So you think it means that’s I should call her again and tell her the same request again?

I believe it means your request is heard and accepted. So no need to call her again. She’s also telling you to give her purple flowers when you get what you want. Plus anything else you promised her in return.

Well this makes sense but I have mixed feelings about that I should give the flower now or after I got what I wanted.

If you promised her specific offerings after you get what you want, then you can give her the flowers now if you wish. Would be a good gift since this is the first time you work with her. I would do that myself.

Another option is to wait until you receive what you want, then give her the flowers with the rest of offerings you promised her. This is more formal choice and if you do that it would still be fine.

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Hi @PrinceX sorry to derail but I know you have a good relationship with Santisima Muerte! I hate to be that person to Ask someone to ask someone to ask someone to ask another for something but would appreciate your input on something!

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It’s only two someones and one something involved, so it’s ok :grinning:
Please feel free to let me know anytime and I would be glad to help if I can, don’t worry about it.

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Thank you in advance :vulcan_salute:t4: Is it ok if I pm?

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Absolutely, please do, thank you :pray:

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Well to be honest i dont remember if i said something like i will grant you this or that,

I used some prayer I found on internet and a red candle and a printed out image of her, and poured a small amount of whiskey into a glass as an offering while doing the prayer. I told her what I want and blow out the candle.

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Perfect, the candle and whiskey were enough as a gift with your petition, in my opinion. Then you can give her the flowers after you receive what you want. Just make it clear to her that this is your intention, in a short prayer. Optionally, you can add anything else you wish to give. in return, in addition to the flowers.

I did not write a paper petition I just said and that’s all should I write it?

Also make clear for her with a short prayer would you detail this a little bit more? So like what kind of prayer, everyday or just some days, with candle or offerings each time or without and how does it go with the do and forget about it part of any work?

No problem, a petition could also be verbal, you don’t have to write it on paper.

The same as you did before. Call her name several times after lighting a candle with glass of water or alcohol next to her picture or statue or sigil… then tell her your intention, thank her for her help, then leave the offerings ( candle and drink + anything else you wish to give as a gift ) and take them away next day or after couple of days.

Would be great to talk to her and thank her as long as the offerings are on her altar. She’s not just there working for you… treat her as guest in your house. Talk to her, thank her, make sure everything is clean around her statue etc That makes your relationship with her better, and the results of your work with her better.

About “do and forget” … you forget about “asking” for what you want all the time. You don’t forget about her. You have faith that what you asked for is going to happen, give her thanks and show her your appreciation and gratitude for that. You can make it a one-time prayer… but that’s - honestly - lazy. Depends on how important your request is, I guess. If it’s important or urgent then keep your connection with her about it until it happens. If it’s not that important or you don’t mind the delay… then just give your request once and forget about the whole thing and wait.


Oh thanks that’s a Detailed answer but just one thing she does not have a sigil is that a mistype from you?

My pleasure. She is the “spiritual love” of my life, so to speak. I would do anything for her :slight_smile:
You can use this sigil …


Do you need resources about her ? I have couple of books I could send them to you anytime.
I’m sure you’ll love working with her… she’s the best :skull::+1:

Let me know and I’ll send them in PM ( against the rules to post them here )

Yes please send in pm :slight_smile:

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Of course, least I could do for Santa Muerte! I’ll send them in a minute :slight_smile:

This website is also free helpful for anyone interested in working with her :