Sanskrit meditations experience

So i started doing them for like 2 weeks and possibly some more days now and i got some pretty good and weird results
i would post my 2 crazy expiriences
so in week 1 day 3
i was meditating on my crown chakra and suddenly i started hearing bbbbbbbbbb from nowhere!i didnt do it it came naturaly!wtf!and was hearing that bbbbbbb for 3 minutes

i was meditating on my 3 eye and everytime that i was saying om started to receiving images like snake eyes,and that galaxy eye but mostly i saw a galaxy eye anyways receiving related messages on the related chakra it isnt unnormal for me (does it happen to you too?)continuing the 3 eye when i was saying om i started hearing sounds music specifically like those: on 5:40 , 1:09:50 sounds really similar to this…

i also do the the blue ray meditation if that can mean something…


Can you give me the book where the meditations are ^-^ Please


i didnt use a book i literally typed in google sanskritik meditation
and this appear:

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