Sandalphon said something weird regarding clairvoyance

So he’s standing in front of a white background. I begin to list off how I can perceive him physically.

I said I can feel him, I can “hear” him (telepathy), I can see him…

I stopped myself. No, I can’t see him.

“No, you were right. You CAN see me. Just not here. Not where we are. On this plane. What you’re doing, Max, is you’re breaking through that veil.”

What. The. FUCK. DOES that MEAN? Why is he right!?


Spirits or demons are incorporate beings in another dimensional plane and communicate telepathically through one’s mind. There should be nothing holding you back from communicating using only your mind.

Be it your spirit guide or a new spirit you are evoking. Spirits are an energy form that can change at will communicating with your mind to there energy whether with visions or nonverbal communication is a common practice.

Is what he said true?

Also, I’m well aware. I’ve just wanted to develop this sight and he agrees that I should.

Yes and no. Spirits have no physical body but are pure mind power, and piercing the veil can send visions to your mind of there appearance.

The visions presented to people of various deities are symbolic according to the message they wish to convey.

Demons use symbolism with its appearance to convey its task, with various creatures, to convey a message that you have requested an answer to, or perhaps as a warning that you have transgressed, or that it has been sent to harm.

I have received many visions of various Deitys all depicting different archtypes.

I read this like a fanfiction.

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I don’t blame you.

So we’re testing my scrying and Sandalphon is like

“Lets scry something random and see how you’re doing”

“Okay… Show me… The eiffel tower!”

Some cartoonish version of the eiffel tower shows up

“Is that uhhh… Is that scrying?”

“Yup. Another.”

I get this stupid smile “Show me a little silhouetto of a man” (It showed me Freddie Mercury)

“Does that count as scrying?” I say, trying not to laugh.


“Show me… Goku doing a Fortnite dance!”
I’m dying at this point as a very clear image of goku doing a fornite dance shows up in my mind.|
“I-Is that scrying?” I say, with a stupid grin

“Regrettably, yes.”