Samael, Shemyaza, Samyaza

Ok so this is interesting. I did a planetary rite for Mars and created a talisman connecting to Samael (angel of mars). Instructions taken from the book Seven Spheres by Rufus Opus. Got super wired overnight from the energy, felt like power coursing through my whole body, also strong sexual energy. In and out of sleep I have the name ‘Shemyaza’ repeating in my head over and over out of knowhere. Start searching on the net and find a whole connection between Samael, Shemyaza and even Azazel going back to ancient scriptures involving Enoch, Nephillim, the watchers etc. It’s interesting to see these same beings being connected throughout different times in history as the same entity, both Samael and Shemyaza being described as seperate and the same (depending on source) as well as being consorts of Lilith. I wonder if Samael was trying to help me connect the dots. This information certainly came out of knowhere straight into my consciousness. Interested to hear others thoughts on this? Asenath Mason even talks about similarities between Shemyaza and Lucifer !

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Thats really interesting that you are typing this… when i was just thinking of lucifer n azazil n amaymon n samael.

I actually just finished writing an a thread about jinn and samael. Very interesting. Check out my thread you may find answers.

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They’re not the same though? And of the two, only Samael is the consort of Lilith.

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My point is that some sources are describing Shemyaza/Samyaza as a seperate entity to Samael eg (leader of the watchers):

Here in the book (enoch and metatron collection) it describes Samyaza as a name change to Samael during the greco-roman era: samyaza samael - Google Search

So are they seperate entities or the same thing?

No mention made here of Samyaza and Samael being the same…